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Playstation Store Discount Code Australia May 2022

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PlayStation Store Reviews

Leon Fourie
2021-11-14 19:36:32

Sony is best console

Sony has always made the best consoles never had any issues with them from ps1-ps5.

nora omran
2020-09-20 13:55:21


This only a business booster think about it if you add roblox and pk xd etc more people will buy the playstation than people who will buy xbox,wii etc

2020-08-29 20:12:11

The greatest console ever,that’s all.

The greatest console ever,that’s all.

David Lamore
2020-07-27 05:34:44

Sony is the real deal.

Seriously, I cannot express enough how great my experience was with the repair on my ps4 pro. I shipped it out in the provided box on a Thursday and it was returned to me the following friday afternoon, and it is a new unit. Sony also included a free steel box edition of the show 2020 and I nice letter. Sony has been around forever for a good reason...and seriously this repair was an old school customer service experience that I wish others would learn from.

2020-06-18 09:10:42

*sorted* I really think Sony needs to look at…

i originally gave a two star review below, however have now had everything sorted in regards to my account. I did have to keep digging and take it higher than support. “I really think Sony needs to look at both sides of a story relating to other players reporting and the moderation team acting. Of course protect the PSN users by all means, however some of us long term players (myself included) are a bit shocked and feel that Sony is serving very harsh and unfair punishments without looking no further into accounts or history or if a genuine mistake or been trolled by someone abusing the report system. Last week on the 8th June, I shared what I saw as a really good offer from / (12 month PlayStation membership for £29 that was ending that evening). I ended up sharing the offer on my PSN feed. It’s the first time I’ve shared anything externally on my feed other than game snaps, videos and trophy hunting related things etc.That evening I received my first warning Notification from Sony stating a that I had sent “malicious urls” to other users. I obviously thought that I didn’t know I wasn’t allowed to do that as I genuinely was not aware and had seen simular shares from some of my PSN friends. I’ll mention that the link I shared was just a direct website link and of no affiliation to me or any other, it wasn’t malicious in any way or to profit). I then received a “Permanent Banned” email/notification.I guessed that someone or a few had reported me due to the whole “malicious url” notification I received the following day but thought a Permanent Ban is a bit OTT.I have had my account for over 10 years, and would call myself a Playstation Dedicated Trophy Hunter when it comes to gaming, I’ve even raised money for charity with a 24 hour continuous gaming session. I share guides and videos to the Trophy Hunting community. I now see that the web url I shared relating to an offer I thought my friends and trophy hunting community would of appreciated was my bad but it was a genuine mistake. I also share on my channel to my followers. I’ve spoke to Sony support who was extremely helpful and listened to what had happened. The lady on the phone thought it sounded bizzare and said she contact the moderator team24 hours later I was told by email that my permanent “suspension would remain and that I had previous offences relating to malicious urls.on Another call to them today 16th June and after a lot of emails back and forth. I was told I had no previous offences and my ban was due to malicious urls and sending out offers to others of a commercial activity. To permanently loose my account “Permanently Banned” makes me feel absolutely sick, it’s worse than loosing a console due to it dying. At least things could be recovered from a failed console. My account is not only a gaming account to me in any spare time but it’s a huge part of my life and has been since my first PS3.>My trophies (lvl 36/37) and the amount of time I’ve put in to achieve that.>My digital/PSStore 309 ps4 and 100s of ps3 games that I have purchased and collected. Plus in game purchases. Way over £1000s. >My sharefactory videos I have edited and not compiled yet and are ready to upload to my gaming channel. >My back ups and saves from the cloud. ^^^all of which have been revoked and my access denied. Step up Sony get this sorted your loosing valuable and loyal players”

2020-06-17 03:14:29

PlayStation Store Experience

People complaining about poor service I get where you come from, you faced bad experience but I got no such bad experience with PlayStation store it's fluid and safe as of writing this review. Please take your time to secure your account by using 2 way authentication, pay using PayPal or add balance using PlayStation Gift cards.If you want to use a credit card use a prepaid card avoid using standard credit cards as they are open with big limit.Make sure to use a strong password.Make sure to update your PlayStation software as soon as there is an update.All this and still Sony needs to always do more to secure customers. But as far as gameplay and experience it's a good one and PlayStation is on the good side here.If you want to buy physical goods I have no experience in this section I only buy digital games and all my physical PlayStation preferals are from other shops.Customer support: I contacted them and they were helpful and friendly via email tickets.** PlayStation has online shops for almost all countries in the world and that's a big plus for Sony, unlike Nintendo which has eShops for selective countries based on bias. Sony is for all.Promotions: PlayStation Store even has special discounts based on your region and promotions using your language for example in where I live I get Arabic promotions and discounts which is amazing and shows how Sony cares about the overall customer experience.

Tiffany Gray
2020-05-28 08:25:47

David James Goldman
2020-05-02 21:14:03

Mental how many bad reviews PS has

Mental how many bad reviews PS has. Never had an issue and purchased a few games.

Charlotte Chambers
2020-05-02 10:48:12

PS plus

With PS plus it offered sims 4 as the free game for the month, now that my membership had ran out it won’t let me play the sims, when i paid £40 on expansion packs that now are pointless unless i pay £35 for the original game. It should’ve been explained that it would not allow me to play it when my membership runs out!! It is not even an online game so why do i need playstation plus for it??

2020-04-16 00:40:52

PlayStation Review :v

The reason for me using the Playstation was that I saw my dad playing a video game and I wanted to play it too. And the reason for me to use the Ps4 was that there were more games. I am a credible consumer because I have used the product, and know the bad and good things things that these products have, most of them are good. I have used this product for like 4 years. I haven't tried products like the Playstation and also didn't recommend this product but I will in the future. I recommend this product because it makes time go faster and because it has cool games. what set it apart from others is that it has different levels, the first Ps was the Ps1 then the Ps2 Ps3 and the Ps4 came. the best part is the games, there are many types of video games, and I am sure it would cause others to use it. Yahoo! said, "when your mind is occupied, as in thinking, playing video games, or reading, it's harder to keep track of time, and thus it seems to fly." the type of person that would like this is the person that wants the time go faster, The characteristics of those who try this product and adventurous. The hobbies that a potential consumer has that would make them appreciate this.

Brian Taylor
2020-03-29 12:59:10

Really my rating is a 4.7

Really my rating is a 4.7My problem with Playstation is with their "Playstation now" option. I am a sort of gamer, have been playing consoles for many years from Nintendo to PS1 then Xbox. One day i got that infamous red ring on my xbox and was crushed. So my brother gave me his PS2... To sum it up i have not switched from sony ever since. With that i've come across various games on the Playstation from 1,2 and 3 that are TIMELESS and not compatible with the ps4 those games can't be found on the psnow either. This months new games on psnow are lame and most of the selection is too.Id like to see a change or im switching back to Microsoft.

Selena Prinstone
2020-03-24 15:52:22

I adore my PlayStation

I adore my PlayStation. That's one of the best ways how to relax and spend your time with fun. A lot of my friends also have got a PlayStation. We often gather and play our favorite games.

Mark Richy
2020-03-17 13:06:07

best gaming experience with a bunch of…

best gaming experience with a bunch of exclusive games for a best value. Much cheeper option than PC gaming and better option of xbox in console gaming becouse of exclusive games

dxppression_-xI On ps
2020-02-26 21:30:05

I got a really good women who helped me…

I got a really good women who helped me get my account back 5 stars keep it up sony

2020-02-13 17:33:41

Customer service is average store is…

Customer service is average store is slow

FAQ for PlayStation Store

What methods of payment does PlayStation Store accept?

At PlayStation Store you can use the following payment methods to shop from them and fund your wallet: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and online payment with PayPal. To link your card or PayPal account to your shopping account at PlayStation Store, add it as your default payment method and select it at checkout.

When will my order PlayStation Store be delivered?

You will receive an email notification that your order has been delivered PlayStation Store with an estimated delivery time that can take up to two weeks. Once your order has been processed, it is not possible to change the shipping address. Also, they cannot send your order to the mailbox, they deliver it personally.

Does PlayStation Store have a warranty?

Yes. The PlayStation Store store provides a warranty on all products. The manufacturer's warranty for the product is 12 months from the date of delivery. The warranty card is given along with the receipt. You may also refer to the warranty statement for more information.

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