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Paypal Reviews

2020-05-20 10:20:18

Does it's job

Unlike the other reviewers we never had big issues with PayPal as a seller. We have been using their services since 2016 for our eCommerce marketplace for digital products. Pro- Popular payment method almost everywhere on the world- Very high customer trust, high conversion rates- Supports instant bank transfers- Has free Debit Card / Prepaid Cards linked to your account balance- Integrations everywhere, also easy to make your own one- Dispute system is great for buyers to avoid getting scammedContra- Really high currency exchange fees. At least 20 times higher than what most banks offer- Dispute system isn't that great for sellers, especially when they get scammed by buyers- Some payments get on hold for no reason, resulting in customer complaintsA lot of people complain here about getting their accounts locked. This happens if you make a lot of money but you do not provide documents about your identity and/or business. Once you provide such documents PayPal will unlock your account. If your account does not get unlocked, you can withdraw your money after 6 months.

Robert Warner
2020-05-19 08:28:22

Awesome place to work

Awesome place to work. PayPal is one of the best place to work in India. The company has grew up a lot and expanding it's business in India as well. The best thing about this company is they care for their employees. #hapPYPLace

Sandra Obertelli
2020-05-19 07:35:51

Recently I have scammed by quite a few…

Recently I have scammed by quite a few people via my bank account so have been very cautious with everything I buy and always use Paypal to buy items.I recently looked at my bank statement and noticed that there was quite a few payments going out with paypal and didnt recognise the ref that was attached to this so rang the bank & voiced my concerns they asked me to get in touch with paypal & try to get them to identify the payment so I messaged on paypal didnt receive any reply for upto 2/3 days then recieved an email from them asking me for details. On Monday I msgd after i got home from work and filled in all payments that i didnt recognise & within minutes the person that was dealing with me confirmed all payments and reassured me that there was no usual activity on my account.I would like to thank PAYPAL for everything they did for me and put my mind at rest.WELL DONE PAYPAL! I AM IMPRESSED!

Geoff Jones
2020-05-16 13:12:28

Paypal loses a pal

I am at present in conversation PayPal who inform that the transaction number on my bank account doesn't exist as its 13 numbers and all PayPal transactions are 17 numbersSo at the same time I'm calling Lloyd's bank but there is at least 30mins waiting So someone has taken the payment as a Direct Debit and removed it from my account under the guise of PayPal who tell me nothing has been taken by themAlso the seller states that they have contacted PayPal over this payment and PayPal are sorting it out todaySomeone is telling lies somewhereI have today received an email from these ........ As a public domain I can't use the right words to describe this companyOn it it tells they are waiting for the fund to clear to pay the seller but because of PayPal creating a DD the payment was not made on 13/5/2020 and after disbeliveing contact with the untrustworthy seller he told me he's cancelled the transaction and after speaking to PayPal on my behalf over payment he told me PayPal are refunding my Payment on or around Monday 18 May 2020 5 days after paymentBut to say that I don't accept anything this seller tells me is an understatement as PayPal are not accepting any calls so who he spoke to could only be a lieOn Wed 13 May 2020 I paid for an item on Ebay as I had done for the other items with my Debit Card and awaited deliveryNot so fastOne item has failed to be paid for as PayPal for some reason made the payment a DIRECT DEBIT with no authorisation from me or setting up with my bank Despite it showing paid on my ebay account the seller has not received paymentMy bank inform me that the amount has been taken from my bank account but because PayPal have again for some reason made it a Direct Debit they have the money not the sellerI have spent the last 14 hours trying to contact EBay who are not accepting calls and PayPal who as well are not taking callsSo I have paid money for an item which isn't being sent because seller hasn't received the money still held by PayPal who on opening my PayPal account inform me that the payment of an echeque (whatever that is, as I have used one) and payment will not be made until 15 May 2020, As of this morning this hasn't happenedWhen contacting the seller he informed me that he has spoken with both Ebay and Paypal this morning which seems a miracle as both Ebay and Paypal are not answering any phone callsSomeone is telling lies but I'm still out of pocket for the money, no bought item set for delivery and the obnoxious seller now refusing any contact

Adrian Wilkes
2020-05-15 14:56:20

Brilliant service

I bought 3 t shirts from a US site, Aspen, paid with PayPal. A month later no t shirts had arrived, I was unable to contact Aspen, and then their website disappeared. I contacted PayPal who took up my dispute and today they refunded my payment to me. What fantastic service.

Martin Bailey
2020-05-13 06:45:20

Excellent service

After ordering goods with a company ,I found out they were a scam.within 30minsof me raising a dispute with PayPal I had confirmation of a refund.i had ordered from a company called Abiluff,although payment was taken from PayPal,I hadnoorderconfirmation off the,after looking at reviews of the company,they were scammers.althouh I had only ordered 3 days ago,I raised a dispute goods not received.within 30minsof dispute PayPal confirmed a full refund

2020-05-07 11:38:46

I have used PayPal for about a decade…

I have used PayPal for about a decade now. Recently I have had two purchases that were not good (one from, and one from eBay). One was for a product that was not "fit for purpose" and broke, the other was not delivered. Of course PayPal have no reponsibility for product quality or delivery/non-delivery. But in both cases, (ManoMano and eBay) were not bothering to resolve the problem. In both cases, I contacted PayPal and they had refunds organized in under 48 hours. Based on this, I will always use PayPal wherever possible - I really appreciate both the security they offer and the problem-resolution.

Younes Sharifi
2020-05-06 19:30:15

thanks for EDALYN for great service and…

thanks for EDALYN for great service and patience

2020-05-06 08:09:06

reliable services!

I absolutely can't relate to all those bad reviews about Paypal. I have had always very good experiences with their services. When you happen to come across a scam company, Paypal does its best to refund you that money. Just recently I've had an issue with a scam company Within a week Paypal solved the issue and refunded me the 100 euros I would have otherwise lost.

Ian Mansfield
2020-05-05 18:11:08

looks like they sorted my problem…

looks like they sorted my problem thanks paypal

2020-05-04 22:02:10

Never had any problems with PayPal

Never had any problems with PayPal. A handy way to pay for things without constantly entering card numbers. Easy to use app. Recommended.

Manish Rawat
2020-05-04 13:47:32

The best payment transfer service

The best payment transfer service. I have been using Paypal for some time now and the experience has been wonderful. I get my payments on time and the customer care was very helpful when I had to set up a few details in my account to receive payment. They even called back to tell me that my details had been updated and now I could receive payment.

Zinidia PvP
2020-05-02 02:04:15

the fees are way too high but their…

the fees are way too high but their support is great and their definitely a must use for any small to medium sized eCommerce business.

Sean Smyrke
2020-04-29 18:40:22

Ok service, High fees

Service was good and fast but the fees are very high. they charged me $20 to receive a payment for $400

Andrew Kennerley
2020-04-29 14:28:50

After managing to make contact with…

After managing to make contact with someone my claim was sorted and money refunded, my advice items to try and persevere with them. Thanks for sorting

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