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Scorptec Australia Reviews

2020-04-08 14:03:01

Ordered a new 4k monitor during covid…

Ordered a new 4k monitor during covid lockdown. It was shipped fast despite this, much faster than others ( i have other orders from other places still pending). Item arrived in pristine condition, new as ordered. Communication was good, price was good.

2020-02-03 23:22:15

Great range, great website

I had an itch to build a new desktop setup on a whim, and found that Scorptec had a huge range of parts and plentiful amount of stock to boot. The website is very easy to use and offer a great range of deposit options.My one complaint (and it's fairly minor) was a lack of clarity on vendor promotions - for example both my Motherboard and Graphics Card purchases came with seasonal promotions for free games on purchase, however I was not made aware of these and had to find out third hand. It's not a major drawback, but transparency like this would've sweetened the purchasing process.

2019-11-25 08:44:55

The best customer service I have ever experienced

I've had a lot of experiences within the customer service realm but I don't think any company is as brilliant and genuine with their customers as Scorptec is. For context, I purchased an ASUS laptop from Scorptec a year ago. In September, I sent it off to repair after consistent screen flickering issues. After a week and some poor customer service, the laptop finally got returned to me and I was extremely upset to see that within an hour of using it, the issue of screen flickering persisted.My next move was to call Scorptec. I explained everything I had experienced from my machine's issues and ASUS' poor customer service. Arthur, the man who was helping me, was so kind and understanding. From the get go, he assured me that Scorptec would stand behind me as a customer no matter what path I chose to take. He very clearly explained what I could do and what steps I could take to resolve the issue. Any questions I had were directly and honestly answered. I am a uni student and he took this into very serious consideration. With his guidance, I chose to drop my laptop off to Scorptec to give the responsibility to them to liaise with ASUS and hopefully repair the machine. I also recorded video evidence of the issue which I then sent to Arthur to use wherever he saw fit. Instantly, I felt comfortable and as if I was being looked after. My laptop was given priority because of Arthur's clear understanding that I needed my laptop for uni and especially for the exams I had coming up.Arthur kept me in the loop wherever he could, sending me several updates along the way. One day, ASUS decided to contact me directly about my laptop and about whether they could delete the data off my laptop even though I had signed a release form with Scorptec that said they could. The employee told me that they were going to change the motherboard and the battery but they had not found the issue and could not "replicated" the screen flickering. Again, I felt the employee was rude and felt I had a bad experience with ASUS' customer service. I was at work and felt pressured to agree with what he had to say. I proceeded to contact Arthur, which was very easy to do since the Scorptec employees include their contact number in their email, and explained what had happened. I outlined my two issues: why did they contact me when the responsibility was with Scorptec and why are they sending me a "repair" when they clearly didn't know what the issue was? Arthur supported me immediately and agreed that ASUS had no right to contact me. He assured me that I would not get my laptop back without a direct repair or without a replacement. Again, Arthur emphasised that Scorptec stood behind me as the consumer and agreed that this behaviour was unfair and outrageous and escalated the issue immediately to higher management. ASUS then contacted me again and I immediately talked to Arthur who handled the issue appropriately. Later, he contacted me explaining that ASUS would not come to the table with a repair or a laptop since they could not replicate the issue. Arthur explained that because of this, Scorptec would be willing to give me a NEW laptop at the cost of the old one, provided me with recommendations of similar laptops and gave me ample time to choose. Not only did Scorptec take on ASUS in my place, they provided me with a new laptop. I can safely say no company has better customer service than this. Arthur was a pleasure to deal with. He was kind, honest and to the point about all aspects of this process. He kept me updated, placed priority on my issue and the company as a whole found me a solution that worked even though it may have put them out. The reponses from the employees were quick and professional and I felt safe the entire process. I never felt like I was being cheated or left alone. Scorptec clearly has invested a lot into their customer service and it shows. I'm sure I could have asked for a full refund and have gotten it however I wanted to repurchase from this company. This brand has clearly shown me that it would stand by me when a major corporation refuses to hold themselves accountable and that I won't ever be cheated. Scorptec is a company that holds its customers in high regard and clearly has strong values and integrity and I will urge all my friends, family and anyone reading this to purchase a computer from them.Thank you to Scorptec for their assistance throughout this process - I wish I could give them a higher rating but unfortunately I cannot.

Kyle Brotheridge
2019-05-08 03:23:04

No stress.

Ordered a product before the easter break - told them to hold off on dispatch as I wouldn't be home over a few of the business days (so the courier wouldn't be answered), they promptly responded, suggested a day to dispatch that suited my movements, then stuck to it... I received it the next business day after I got back - It's not a significant act overall, but in dealing with other companies that so frequently end in delay or debacle, it was just refreshing to deal with Scorptec.

2019-04-01 23:08:43

Fast delivery

Fast delivery, correct items always came. The only iffy thing is my little sister received a scratched (windowed) PC case and so did my partner. This is not on, but i am still giving 4 star because they usually have good prices and the delivery is super quick. not sure what happened with the pc cases

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