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Fossil Reviews

2020-04-25 17:34:14

I see that a few people have had bad…

I see that a few people have had bad luck with Fossil and that’s stinks . I never have . Today I received my items on time and in excellent condition. I will keep a close eye on my watch for any defects but as far as I can tell Fossil did well . Thanks again for another great purchase . Add these to my collection.

Daniel Shaw
2020-03-22 07:29:37

Right off the bat & ongoing review

Right off the bat, I saw that my order was $90.30 for a watch on discount, but Fossil's TAX RATE is [12.5%], so it ended up being $101.68! I've received the official order invoice via email for the purchase and they say they billed me for $96.17, but in my bank statement clearly reflects the $101.68, so THERE'S the first red flag. I've read so many bad reviews on their watches (backs are popping off and apparently Fossil cannot fix this problem even if you send it back to them to do so) that I might just send it back and demand a refund from this company, and I ain't even received it yet. I will be doing an unboxing video to give solid evidence (right out of the postage box) that if anything DOES go wrong, it won't be my fault but the manufacturer's. All things considered so far, the prospect of buying this watch is not looking well.03/24/2020 - I received the watch through Fedex, and have created a video (2 parts since I used one of my phones to pair with it). It seems to be solidly made, no problems yet with the back falling off. It uses a dual-ring charging type so the charger can be placed at any degree around the back. The app runs much more smoothly than the first gen Moto 360 (as expected due to upgraded hardware and firmware). The mesh design of the band is well received. The battery life is decent to last through a full day without requiring a recharge. I'd have enjoyed it better if (since no smartwatches provide this) they provided a single screen protector. I don't see any specs on screen hardness, so I'm forced to purchase a protector in the possibility of scratches received from the inlining of a coat or shirt sleeve.*I also checked on the billing for the $101.68 in my bank account, and turns out it's been adjusted to the aforementioned $96.17, so I'm glad that was straightened out.5/10/2020 - Today I noticed that the adhesive for the charging rings is starting to flake off, some sort of almost powdery clay-like stuff. The rings themselves were pushing up out of the indentations, so I'm not sure how long that's going to last. This is likely one of the problems that was mentioned by other users. Now I get to wonder how long the back's going to stay on for.

2020-03-17 13:32:52

My experience with fossil customer…

My experience with fossil customer service has been exceptional. My smart watch failed. I sent it back for repair free of charge which they repaired . Unfortunately my watch failed a second time after around 6 months. I sent it back again, this time, the watch could not be repaired. They sent me a link to order another watch to the original value of the watch which was £185. I chose a hybrid watch that was £189. I am absolutely thrilled with the watch, it is brilliant. Fossil put the rest to as a gesture of goodwill. It is probably the best customer service I have ever received.

Jason Lo
2020-03-11 22:38:50

Can't beat nice salesperson

Been using fossil watches ever since! Got my 6th fossil watch recently because I never had a mechanical watch thought I give it a try (ME3138) easily one of the best watches I ever owned by fossil super easy to use once you know how to fully use the watches' wind/wound/compass. very fun watch! i got this in store from Sj westfield their salespeople are one of the best!

Mrs Kat Beatriz
2020-01-10 18:41:42

Good price and value

I ordered a leather purse and a wallet. The wallet was a present for my mom-in-law so I took the time to read the reviews online for the company. The site gives you 10% off if you sign up for their newsletter, which I did. The discount code didn’t work immediately. I had to wait 48hrs for the code to be activated. After placing the orders. Everything went well. The parcel with items arrived on time and the packaging was nice. Items were in perfect condition.

Sharip Smagullov
2019-12-21 19:30:47

If you need something like good average…

If you need something like good average watch or something like some shopping thing it's something which really must be done for you together. How else we can go out there, how else can you continue with such ? I have few presents from them and I am very very happy.

Abida Cathcart
2019-10-27 12:05:18

Fossil products/customer care

St Enoch centre store- took in my very loved watch which has stopped working after my 3 yr old accidentally knocked it down, got the option of half price off any watch as within 2 years. Also liked a bag online but I store they offered me a further 25 % discount . Excellent service from Vicki and Louis .

Mrs Lesley Said
2019-09-12 15:57:11

We bought a key ring from Fossil

We bought a key ring from Fossil, Silverburn less than a year ago & the clip broke. We thought it would have lasted much longer than this for the price we paid for it. We took the chance & took it back to Fossil, Silverburn today to let them know that the quality was not very good. The staff member Elaine was so lovely & very kind as she gave us another leather key ring free to replace the broken one. We didn’t expect to get a free replacement, but we were so happy with their customer service & good will. We will definitely shop there again in the future.

Alex Charles Evans
2019-09-04 21:33:24

Love Fossil watches

Love Fossil watches. I own four now and family have started buying Fossil too having seen mine. Beautiful design, gorgeous real leather and a chunky metal watch face. My oldest Fossil watch is 6 years old, the battery needed to be replaced once (£12), and that's it. That is normal for a watch. On the older ones which have been worn hundreds of times to the office, gigs, holidays and more, the leather is a touch worn/less tight but still goes round my wrist and hasn't broken.Otherwise all 4 (brown, tan, blue and tan/blue mix) all working and still look fantastic.

Olivia James
2019-07-12 12:47:57

Seem overpriced at first!

Seem overpriced at first!Tilt towards the higher price spectrum slightly, but worth the purchase.Quality materials, chronologically accurate, designed very well. Genuine leather tops it all off.

Scott Smith
2019-07-09 19:27:46

the good and bad of Bicester

Went to the bicester village store today and received great service from a red headed girl. She helped me take the links out my watch. Minus the older Asian gentleman who threw a calculator at me to show the price followed by a grunt.

2019-06-03 10:26:16

Thank you Catherine for your help!

I own one watch already bought from store, but this time I ordered online with free engraving. Great as you get 15% if your register with them online! I bought lovely watch as a gift for my husband. I made an error in my engraving and when I realised and called them, it was already done and ready to be shipped. I knew it was my fault so I didn't expect anything big but I was wrong! Catherine from Fossil Customer Support Team helped me and managed to get them to do another one with the right engraving! So lovely! She also called me to keep me updated and emailed me which is great. I was so worried that the gift I wanted to give is going to be wrong but now I have a piece of mind!!! I'm planning to buy my friend a watch as a gift and now I know it has to be Fossil one! As not only great watches but also amazing customer service! So pleased with this. Thank you Catherine againIda

Kevin Bolt
2019-05-02 11:57:38

Experience with Fossil

Picked up a Fossil sport Watch. Just really isn't up to the standard the website sells it as. Describes the watch as being able to make NFC payments. In reality it managed one NFC transaction out of five. With the other attempts leaving me standing at the check-out point trying to wiggle my watch around on the NFC reader whilst other customers shuffled around impatiently. IT constantly lags, often taking five seconds to load up. The customer service of Fossil basically boiled down to, "try this generic check list of things that mostly don't have anything to do with your issue but it'll fob you off for a bit." Disappointing.

2019-04-30 18:36:01

Thanks to Raphael!

Went to the Oxford Street branch and was helped by Raphael, who was brilliant!! He made everything much easier and was completely understanding about the problems with the watch I had been experiencing. He went out of his way to be really helpful. Thanks!

2019-03-19 17:23:37

Excellent Service!

After sending (UPS) my 20 year old Fossil watch to the Dallas, Tx repair center for a new crystal on 2-28-19, I then thought maybe I should read reviews about their service. Wow! It sure looked as though I made a mistake both is sending it to them and, especially, not reading the reviews before doing so. experience with the service center was far different than what I've (predominantly) seen documented here. UPS tracking info confirmed that the Center received the watch on 3-6-19. On 3-12-19 I received, by email, a quote for the crystal replacement: $37.11 including $8.50 shipping and $2.11 tax. I immediately paid the invoice. On 3-14-19 I received an email from the repair center advising that the watch was on its way back to me. Today (3-19-19) it arrived in perfect condition. That is 20 days from the day I shipped it to Fossil to the day it arrived back to me, repaired as requested...well within the "2 to 4 wks" promised by the company. Total cost: $51.24 ($14.13 for UPS shipping to Dallas plus $37.11 for a new crystal, return shipping, and tax). I am completely satisfied with the service I received from the Fossil Service Center (FG Services) in Dallas, Tx.

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