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Susan Rigby
2020-05-17 18:21:15

Now tv is absolutely brilliant I'm…

Now tv is absolutely brilliant I'm addicted it's the best thing I've got. Gangs of London is utterly fantastic and gripping and the movies on the sky cinema are brill Well done xx I love it

2020-05-17 15:31:46

Landline: 1st Bad, 2nd Good impression

After TalkTalk been taking an absolute advantage of my 91-year old father-in-law for years, we needed to switch him to a service with basic internet (to watch YouTube painting videos) and anytime calls to his friends. Later provided to be difficult as even so we clicked we want to keep a landline number (we had for 40 years) upon confirmation from NotTV they suggested we will have a new landline number when switched! This took ages to sort out and we were at our wits' end! NowTV service said we are prioritising vulnerable people, advising tech chat online, but tech chat online is not working making your run in circles. TWO THINGS helped: 1) we got quick reply from NowTV on twitter advising how to contact them (03303323050); 2) the hard way we figured out we needed RETENTION TEAM not Sales team to resolve landline issue. Retention team cancelled previous account, made a new one and from there it all went smooth. Upon it going live it was not marked in green on our online account so we had to call them again (accounts -> billings) to confirm it went life a day before (it was not advised to connect the kit until the line is switched). Hun delivered in time, the line was kept after much asking and the switch happened on the day advised. Billing is in advance (like it was with TalkTalk) but the offer is very reasonable. They just need to avoid things mentioned above (and if necessary fix the order form to allow people to keep their landline).

James Goddard
2020-05-16 21:07:07

Bought a Sky Cinema pass and it's great

Toby Morgan
2020-05-12 20:49:44

Now TV is good

Now TV is good , it's just a real shame that they won't take payments by direct debit each month instead continuous debit card payments! They are part of Sky and they do direct debits! So it is confusing why Now TV can't ? It would certainly make like easier for me !

Will Smith
2020-05-07 11:55:23


Been a Now Broadband customer for over a year now, and must say what a reliable and stable connection I’ve had, as my contract was coming to an end, Phoned this morning and the customer service agent must have been one of the most friendly and professional I have dealt with in a long time, I asked if there was anything she could do with my contract price and the outcome was great, Good to see a company that put a customer first, So definitely 5 stars from me

2020-05-06 10:14:55

Could still do better.

I have been using NOW TV for several years now.Whilst we have had a few problems I would say these have been a lot fewer than the problems we used to get from our previous provider (virgin media).Sadly there isn't much change in the movie lineup. They advertise that new movies are added daily, but I have noticed many of the newly available movies are just ones that were shown at an earlier date.The Sky channels are ok, as are the childrens channels.At present I am subscribed through a half price 12 month subscription.If I wasnt I think I would be alternating my subscription between Now TV and Netflix to increase variety of movies.So whilst its not perfect I doubt that there's anything available that is any better.I like the idea of being able to sign up for a month at a time. I believe being tied into long contracts ends up resulting in poor customer service as the company's have no incentive to keep customers happy.So as all my school reports used to say "Could do better".

2020-05-04 14:00:16

Great value on broadband and landline…

Great value on broadband and landline packages.Never had any serious problems, and minor things were sorted out in a professional manner in no time at all.I definitely recommend it.

2020-04-29 11:04:22

Great internet, TERRIBLE customer administration services

I would give 2.5 if that was an option. The Internet itself, has been great - so fast, never had connectivity issues, however, Now Broadband have absolutely HORRIFIC administration services. When we first ordered the box in Sept 19, we waited 10-14 days for it to arrive, and it never did. We rang to inquire and it turned out there was an 'admin error' somewhere and they never received our order, despite a confirmation email and money leaving our account. We re-ordered it over the phone, with a promise of a months credit. We rang again the next day as no confirmation email had come through - it hadn't worked AGAIN! Eventually it was sorted and it came - 28 days after we first ordered anything. Fast forward to February 2020. My partner, who's account the money came out of, switched banks and updated his details on our Now account to make sure the money was coming out the right bank.Fast forward again to April 2020, both of us heavily relying on the internet to work from home due to Covid-19.We then received an email informing us we were behind on payments .... so we went online on 10th April, inputted the details and £60 was taken from the account for March and February's payment.Then, on 27th April, we get ANOTHER email informing us we are still behind on payments and they will be cancelling our account. We rang them and had our details inputted by an administrator. We go sleep, thinking that's the end of it, but no! We wake up the next morning - and the internet has been shut off! We rang immediately and were told there was absolutely nothing else they can do, the delivery can't be fast tracked because of the pandemic, so our account was cancelled and we have to wait 10-14 days for another box to arrive. Therefore they have breached their own contract as we have paid all the expected payments, but they have still cut us off.To say we are fuming, is an understatement. However, we have managed to get 3 months credit - which does make things a little better and thank god for kind neighbors who have left us share their WiFi so we can continue to work from home.

2020-04-29 07:31:06

So far I’m really happy with it so far

So far I’m really happy with it, I like the fact I can cancel anytime. I paid for no contract which is a bonus! Can’t fault it so far.

Kirk //
2020-04-28 23:33:05


Personally I’ve found this service very entertaining, plenty of movies and shows but why can’t you simply search an actor & have his/her movies pop up? Seems a bit daft to me... #sorteditoutnowtv

2020-04-07 16:13:47


Awesome, does what it says on the tin, easy no hassle tv.

2020-04-03 20:13:59

42% slower download speed for £25/month

Expensive if undiscounted. Transfer from BT was seamless.Standard charges £8 for anytime calls to UK numbers, 23p connection charge, 15.5p/minute. £25 for ADSL. After the stabilisation period, compared with BT, they have a 42% slower download speed, which considering they use the same Openreach lines and equipment into the exchange indicates their own network to the exchange is slower.2 weeks after I joined, they raised connection charges by 6 times more than inflation and call charges by 2 times.

2020-04-01 10:36:45

Fast wifi and have had 0 issues

6 months ago, after reading mixed reviews, I decided to make the jump and sign a NowTV broadband contract.I have to say that my housemates and I have been very happy with it. No issues whatsoever, great speed and a good price.I can't comment on the customer service, as we never had to call them. Still, I would recommend their broadband.

2020-03-31 21:42:18

Best ever

We have been with now TV and now broadband for 2 years and its really cheap and internet is so speedy highly recommend to everyone

Olga Willis
2020-03-28 20:14:06

I moved from Plusnet to Now TV and got an amazing deal.

I moved from Plusnet as my broadband was going off all the time and it was costing more and more money. I got a great person on the phone when I called Now TV and he was very honest with me about the charges. I cannot complain so far as it has been great. The speed great, never goes off and does what they said it would do and gives me what I want. Read reviews and it appears lots are unhappy with Now Broadband but I love it. Keep going. You have a fan.

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