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GoPro Reviews

chris pratt
2020-05-07 06:05:06

Fantastic fast delivery

Fantastic fast delivery, no problems , I ordered the gopro from there website and I then read the reviews that they were getting on trust pilot and I thought I would be waiting two or three weeks Delivery , but then I got the ups message, saying it's on it's way, I got it delivered in under a week, only paid standard delivery. So 5 out of 5 from me .If you order from Amazon, they are saying 23rd may .Fab . Thanks

Martin Cormack
2020-05-05 08:45:35

Just about the best bit of kit I've ever owned

I nearly cancelled my order because of some of the bad reviews but I didn’t and I’m glad. Those reviewers who scored GoPro bad were wrong. We get so used to Amazon type delivery where its “ what time do you want it delivered tomorrow” that we panic if, once placing the order , we don’t hear about it the next day & receive it within 24 hours.As I remember , when I ordered an Iphone from Apple, it took about a week as the order was processed and it traped across the Netherlands to my home in the UK- GoPro’s the same.What you are getting is the most technological piece of kit that I’ve ever owned- how they pack so much in to such a small space I’ll never know. Cut them some slack (particularly in the current climate) & leave a few days for the order to be processed and then about another 3-4 for it to be delivered- you won’t be disappointed when you get- it’s like owning the world in a tiny box, the possibilities are if there is any down-side to this review of the service it’s that the packaging (all in plain brown box) is a bit of a let-down—I would have liked classier packaging and , perhaps, exploding glitter when I opened the package- or am I being too pickey?.

2020-04-19 15:14:15

GoPro Very Fast Delivery

HiI don't know why most complainI am very happy with the purchase and very fast deliveryI would recommend!

Billy Ryder
2020-02-19 12:29:53

Absolutely no complaints here

Absolutely no complaints here! Ordered the upgrade on February 6th, organised a UPS pick up from my house for the 12th. Read a few reviews in the mean time and became quite worried about the service but carried on regardless due to the camera I used as a trade in being a VERY old and disused digital camera.Guy picked up as scheduled, tracking info said recieved by gopro on the 14th and today on the 19th, still February, I took delivery of the new Hero 8. Very happy, quite surprised at the turn around speed. Would definitely recommend!

Jesse Meijer
2020-02-10 17:04:23

I had an unfortunate accident with my…

I had an unfortunate accident with my GoPro. I contact support. Got a call back within minutes. Got help from Gilbert Francis. He listened to my problems and helped accordingly. As I have been a member for years and have had several gopro's they said they would send me a new product withing 3 to 5 business days. Above expectation! thank you Gilbert.

2020-01-12 12:20:16

It's fine

After I ordered I didn't received my confirmation mail and I paniced a bit after looking at the reviews. but eventually (2/3 hours after placing the order) I received my confirmation mail and not soon after that also my shipping confirmation. If you don't receive your mails, just contact the customer support! I'm very happy with my new GoPro

Vineta Saukāne
2019-12-22 01:56:11

got really scared after reading all...

got really scared after reading all these bad reviews, but got my go pro pretty quick. ordered gopro8 with trade up, on 7th of Dec. they reserved 1£ from my account and sent me shipping label. I sent my old camera out on 9th from London, they received it on 11th in Netherlands. I saw it on ups tracking, but didn't get any confirmation email from GoPro. then was silence and I though - that's it, I will never get my new go pro and lost my old camera too :D although , it was said that they will send the new go pro within 14 days after receiving my old camera.AAAAAND on 17th I got an email with ups tracking code and they also charged the full amount. on 19th of December I got my GoPro 8. and a day later they even refunded that 1£ they reserved... :D so I had a smooth experience , could be faster for these days, tho. but oh, well.

2019-12-12 15:46:05

Arrived within an acceptable time frame

I ordered a GoPro 8 bundle directly from their website THEN came on here. I got a spare battery, a 64GB card, a little tripod and a head strap as extras for free compared to the John Lewis price. Had I been on here first I would have probably ordered off John Lewis just to be sure so bad are the reviews.To be fair to GoPro I placed by order on Friday afternoon and everything arrived courtesy of UPS Thursday afternoon. If I wanted to be fussy the order wasn't shipped until Tuesday afternoon (from Holland) and the website said 2-3 day delivery time but it's in the busy Christmas period, we've had Black Friday and so everything must be running at full capacity. Either way I'm satisfied that the camera came within an acceptable time frame.

Jeff Durica
2019-11-25 11:24:34

great product A++

great product A++I would buy again

Dan Rush
2019-11-16 12:47:28

I had GoPro Hero 3

I had GoPro Hero 3, it hung a lot and holds a bad battery. These were the cons. But shooted video was very cool, love it!

Chris Bairstow
2019-11-10 20:00:05

Took the gamble and I am happy!

I have seen so many bad reviews on here and I am sure GoPro have had problems, but I gambled and chipped in an old Sony digi camera. Packed it sent it and had the new 8 back in a few days. Invoice correct, everything correct. Everything worked out of the box, connects to phone much better than my old Session 4 and the firmware update worked no problem. Battery life ain't great, but this was known and you can just carry spares.

Stephen Wilson
2019-10-19 19:35:53


Rubbish camera, best rubbish camera on the market.

Jeff Manni
2019-09-23 09:26:48

Very efficient service.

Again, in contrast to the reviews here, I placed a trade in order on Sept 15th (to replace an Ebay order that never arrived) , sent out the old camera on Monday 16th & I have received my new Hero 7 this morning (Mon 23rd) Communication & order tracking was easy & accurate, very pleased with the service & looking forward to testing my new camera.

George Ladds
2019-09-12 13:16:00

Excellent service from start to finish

I read some of reviews and was slightly concerned. But I noticed that a number of reviewer names were the same and a few had only one review. Therefore I am not sure how accurate many of the reviews are. We picked up the £100 offer. I sent in an old digitial camera last week and this was received by GoPro on Friday (within 2 days). I called the Customer Service Team on Monday just to check everything was in order and they were friendly and helpful. They said that the maximum timescale was about 2 weeks. On Tuesday I got an email saying the GoPro would be delivered today. And yes I have the GoPro. It has taken about a week from when I sent the old camera to receving the new one. In summary it all seems to work, quick turnaround and friendly and helpful staff. So my main observations be careful around other comments because our experience is very different to what many are saying...

Leonidas Ross
2019-09-05 06:33:18

Gopro is the total package!

Gopro is actually the best so far! I bought a gopro hero5 last year and very effecient until now. Now I have upgrade to gopro hero7 black and it was worth every penny! Stabilization is awesome! Never had I regretted buying gopro. Worth the wait from my shipping, they always let me know where's my product especially when it arrived from my country.

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