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Apple Reviews

Rob Laidler
2022-02-07 15:39:53

Fast Friendly Service

After having trouble with my watch after an update, Apple contacted me to see if they could help. A friendly caller from California called me in the UK to see if we could solve the problem. The problem was solved quickly (30 minutes) as they used their online access system to see the problem.

Ben Weber
2022-02-02 21:56:17

I am a long time apple user

I am a long time apple user. Currently using iphone 7 which is still working pretty good.My only complaint about this would be prices of the products. I believe they can be lower

2022-01-31 01:31:47

Fantastic products always reliable best…

Fantastic products always reliable best there are for many reasons and more, steam lined, innovative, and world renowned for a reason.I do hope in the future there will be a more ethical consideration regarding the sourcing of the parts. Some of the stories about the parts factories are disconcerting. The ethics behind the watch are a little off-base but otherwise.. Guilt trip on being able to detect COVID, don't like the direction the watches have taken detecting falls, believe it should be an optional feature at best, but then again I have the series 6. The watch seems a little gimmicky for the overall cost especially VS resale and how much use it might not see. The battery still underwhelmed me 6 generations past the original, but it is a considerable improvement from my older Apple Watch which was a S2 or S3 I believe. Their products tend to be decadent, reliable, resellable, reusable, replayable.The future is now and it is Apple.

Jodie Birt
2022-01-30 07:32:42


I CAN NOT BELIEVE. That when you purchase a £730 phone you have to go and by a pkug for £19!!!!!!! Unbelievable!!!!No one in our family has an iphone.My daughter asked for a iphone for her birthday. I got her an iPhone 12.Upon opening on her birthday she had some battery butbwanted to fully charge it. Well she couldn't as there was no plug for the cable and this was not a normal, one ended USB cable. So annoyed! Had to go purchase the plug!!

2022-01-29 00:33:02

Just wanted my phone fixed

After trying numerous times to fix my phone my own I went to the apple store in the Santa Rosa plaza. I was there when the opened. I had never been to the store before so was no expert on the protocol. So I got there and the guy up front called me over and asked me why I was there. I started telling him but I guess to much info or something. Obviously he needed to be in charge. I don’t know how this happened but he said you want to speak to the manager? I didn’t ask for a manager I just wanted to get my phone fixed so this was my only option. This guy “Danny “. Either hates his job or just has to be the one in charge. If I didn’t need my phone fixed I would have left. He knew he had me. I did not speak to a manager when I was done I just wanted out of there. Not sure how a rude person like this keeps a job but it must be a sign of the time.

Stuart Kinch
2021-12-23 14:03:20

Carol helped in purchasing my IPhone 12…

Carol helped in purchasing my IPhone 12 and was very helpful

B Jacks
2021-12-20 23:06:35

Good service at Apple store lakeside

Good service at Apple store lakeside, had to wait a little to be seen. But staff really knowledgeable and helpful to help me make purchase of laptop & earphonesThanks

Kate Creighton-Griffiths
2021-12-20 15:02:42

Fantastic service at Cardiff Apple Store

Due to a glitch in the PayPal/Apple system, the product that had been ordered was not processed in time for collection. A fantastic assistant at the Cardiff Apple Store went out of her way to solve the problem for me. As it was a gift for my pregnant daughter who had just tested positive for Covid that morning, getting it all sorted and walking out of the store with the item saved Xmas for us! Thank you very much to that lovely member of staff who showed that excellent customer service does still exist.

Ken Trethewey
2021-12-18 09:14:11

Apple Constantly Disappoints Me

AppleI have been in IT since it all began. I converted from PCs to Macs in 2005 and use Apple products constantly now. I keep them regularly updated to the latest models. As I do so I am continually dissatisfied with what I find. I could write a list of dislikes that would fill many pages. In the past few months I upgraded my iMac to a 2020 model from a 2014 model, expecting it to be a whiz-bang. It is not. My feeling is that I have not improved my situation one iota. That move cost me £2000. In the past week I upgraded my MacBook Pro from a 2018 model to a 2021 model and I feel the same. I thought the new M1 chip would be transformational. It is not. There are too many points of dissatisfaction to list them all here, though I would do so if asked. Where has all the speed gone? The security aspects of setting up new hardware are horrendous. Even the once-simple process of migrating has become a nightmare. As an IT professional, I cannot see how ordinary people cope with all this! My MacBook Pro cost me £1800 and the cash back for a trade-in was £240. This is really not worth it. I have had constant issues with the OS - constantly being asked to put in passwords and security codes. This is all SO unsatisfactory. My son converted me to Apple by saying, “Dad, Apple just works!” He was right in 2005, but not any more. I was happy to pay premium prices for products that were amazing, but that is no longer the case. Apple - you are losing the plot!

2021-12-11 18:59:51

MacBook Pro A2442

I'm leaving a review based on the purchase on the new MacBook Pro, this is the first MacBook I have ever owned and honesty blown away by the performance so far. The sound quality is just outstanding and the display Is so crips and clear.The only reason I'm giving it 4 stars at the moment is because upon further inspection of the screen, I have noticed several tiny air bubble underneath the screen. I wondered if the laptop may have been installed with one, it is hard to tell. But if it is the screen, I'm hoping it doesn't get worse, maybe this is something I could get repaired? other than than, very happy!

2021-12-10 23:29:33

Great Customer Service

This review is based on Apple’s help line. I ordered an iPad a few weeks ago, knowing that I would have to wait a while for it to come back in stock. However I didn’t realize that my card would not be charged until the item had shipped. Between the time I ordered the iPad and the time it took Apple to charge my account, my bank card had expired. I wasn’t able to change my payment method online so had to ring the help line. There I was connected with a lovely lady named Andrea who changed our payment method for us, and when there was an issue with verification on my banks end, waited on the line whilst we spoke to our bank in order to get our new card verified. She was so understanding and supportive in what was a very stressful situation (talking on the help line whilst simultaneously verifying our identity to the bank). Despite the long wait for my order, and trouble with my payment method, the customer service and support I received when using their help line has meant that the entire situation was positive overall.

2021-12-08 14:17:35


AppleI have only had great experiences with Apple. I bought my iPhone 12 directly from It was the easiest thing. I received it within a few days. As well, I requested a return box to submit my iPhone 7 for a reimbursement on my cost for the iPhone 12. I received it with clear directions. I was informed of the amount I would receive , depending on the condition of my iPhone 7. It was used/like new. And, they did not disappoint me. I received the maximum reimbursement for the iPhone 7. I will definitely look at making my future purchases directly with

S Robinson
2021-12-05 14:35:54

New Phone Transfer Data

New phone arrived as schedules. Transfer to data to new phone was easy. Technical support was very helpful.

Jurnee Warren
2021-12-04 04:58:43

Pasteled Colored heart emojis

I think they should add pastel colored hearts, I know I’m not the only one who thinks this as I have heard others as well, so please add pastel colored heart emojisApple is a great company good quality phone

Jennifer WM
2021-12-02 18:53:35

ive bought many things from apple over…

ive bought many things from apple over the years and by far the best thing i bought was airpod pros. ive had them since they were originally released and they had started to have an issue with randomly disconnecting so i spoke to an advisor through messages and tried to resolve it but it didnt work so they arranged a time for me to go in store. went into the store they ran a couple checks on it and there was an internal issue so they gave me two new airpods completely free. Absolutely loved my experience with them, your customer service team is so clear and nice online and was so quick and helpful in person.

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