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Telstra Family And Friends Deal May 2022

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Telstra Reviews

2020-05-18 00:56:11

Happy and satisfied with the service.

Peter Mee
2020-05-16 04:40:09

FINALLY RESOLVED Issue unlocking iPhone 5S ... and problems with Telstra’s lack of support ... 1 star changed to 4 stars

I am trying to unlock an iPhone 5S. I inherited it from a relative and planned to set it up (with a sim from another provider), however it gave me an error message stating that the SIM card was not recognised ... implication, the phone was still locked. I phoned the new SIM card provider, I phoned Apple ... both pointed me in the direction of Telstra. So I phoned Telstra (132200), I described my issue to the machine (in as short a sentence as possible ... apparently that is what machines like ...), then entered my birthdate so the machine could verify my identity ... only to be told “Due to Covid19 restrictions, we cannot deal with your problem right now ... would you like us to send you a link to download our MyTelstra app”. [Not really ...]I downloaded the app, and spent about 30 odd minutes talking to a machine specialising in sending through auto-generated ... [and yet somewhat unhelpful] ... responses to my issue. Then I went into the Telstra store in Warwick (WA). [At last ... a real human!] The guy told me to phone 132200 ... and I explained how I had been ‘blown off’ by a machine when I did so. Hence he gave me a new number ... 1258880 ... “thanks”, I said. Went home, tried the number ... got an error reply about not being able to contact this number from this phone ... back to the store.Talk to the guy again, explain about the message ... “oh, that’s right ... this will only work from a Telstra phone” ... [Thanks ... that would have been nice to know prior]. “Here, try this number instead ... this should work”. He had written 0439 125 888 on a card. “Thanks”, I said. Went home, tried the number ... got an error reply stating that ... “this number is not connected” ... back to the store ... again ... [already got 2 stamps on my card ... 8 more and I get something for free!]I tell him my new issues ... he is all out of options [he has that look on his face that says ...I know this is crap ... you know this is crap ... but none of us are allowed to say it] ... He tells me I have to get online and talk to the online team through their “chat” on the website ... [groan] ... “OK” ... back home to try this.The online chat turns out to be the same useless machine that I talked to near the start of this saga when I downloaded the useless MyTelstra app ... @&%#&Hence the 1 star rating ... Please note: I am happy to upgrade this rating to 3 stars if I can just speak to a real person in the Phillipines who is still unable to resolve my issue.********* Who would have thought ... just got through to that lovely person in the Phillipines ... and she was able to unlock this phone within a matter of 5 minutes ... hence I have changed my 1 star into a 4 star ... 5 star would be for having no issues to start off with, and for not having to jump through multiple hoops to get to talk to someone.

2020-04-02 12:11:20

Great Support & Service!

Great Support & Service!! I had a couple of problems with my mobile & landline & although they are still being addressed, I wish to say, Thank You Telstra, for continually addressing my issues in a professional way. Truly brilliant service!Great work & Thank you once again! Although I had complained, Telstra staff were able to address it & discuss it with me in a calm & supportive manner!Thank you Telstra. Even with some hiccups we still love your service & cannot do without it. My mother has been a customer for more than thirty years. Great Company & Customer Service Operators no matter what the situation is.

Nicole Hawkes
2020-03-07 04:47:13

I wouldn't rate Telstra that badly…

I wouldn't rate Telstra that badly cause they have provided many good services

Brianna/ Jenny
2020-01-18 03:46:40

Shania was absolutely amazing for

Shania was absolutely amazing for, I would recommend going to her, she’s had such a bubbly personality, she helped us with what we were after, absolute amazing!! Loved her

2020-01-13 11:14:38


I’m Extremely happy with their services

Dominic Erbacher
2019-12-27 03:35:09

Excellent online customer service

Excellent online customer service. Very polite and helpful. Waived my cancellation fees with 0 issues and changed my plan instantly with confirmation. Thanks.

Mick Harris
2019-12-19 08:50:49

I have been using Telstra for years

I have been using Telstra for years. They are not perfect but they are better than anyone else. Phone reception and performance is much better. Service and support is much better. I just tried to sign up 4 phones with Optus (I have a business) and they have taken 9 HOURS over 2 separate visits to a Harvey Norman. We have also tried Vodaphone and they are Terrible -especially in the country. So Telstra is much, much better than anyone else. Not Perfect but a hell of a lot better. Mick H Melbourne

Shreeyya Thakur
2019-11-23 15:54:26

Good network

David Pauw
2019-11-16 10:17:11

First of three

First time I used Telstra, the woman at Indooroopilly mall was so helpful, she knew exactly what she was doing and talking about. It was fast service, quick and efficient in set up and no issues.

2019-11-06 04:47:45



Diane Philp
2019-10-31 01:20:24

I visited Telstra Capalaba to purchase…great service

I visited Telstra Capalaba to purchase my first mobile phoneI had the good fortune to be served by Kimmy. She understood that I was a novice to technology and gave me her utmost attention. I left with a set up phone Also phoned the store later for some further advise which Kimmy solved over the phone in no time.She was very professional, friendly and a pleasure to do business withGood JobThanksDiane Philp

Chris Linay
2019-10-20 07:56:47

I have to admit that telstra gives…

I have to admit that telstra gives different answers to the same question when you ring customer service try their 24x7 app the people on that line seem to know their business a lot more and you can get a record emailed to you if any problems later

2019-10-10 07:41:12

Telstra - used to be not so...

Used to be, you could count on Telstra, most people had a Telstra service at home & some even bought shares in our Aussie company. I had a homeline for years, with no problems...Then things changed..When mobile plans came out I dipped my toes by getting a prepaid plan, then other competitors made it hard not to leave. Recently, this year, due to lack of coverage in a rural area, I returned & had so much trouble ironing out a plan, my complaint ended up at the CEO Office of Telstra, before sorting wrong info given by many Asian reps...that done, today i tried to simply UNSUBSCRIBE from unordered, unwanted Tesltra marketing/spam by email & text..while I hadn't requested marketing inclusion on my plan, the 'unsubscribe' link on 2 marketing emails went nowhere so I had to contact them by the 24/7 app..Of course it's attached to my account, so you'd think that would be sufficient authentication to request to be unsuscribed, but I was sent a code, then also asked for all personal details, in addition to my licence number...I refused to supply my licence number (to complete a profile for identity theft), as my plan didn't require that, so why should I now give it, to simply unsubscribe from something i didn't even subscribe to? Others don't request this, to simply unsubscribe..I was told that inclusion was default on my Telstra account and that it was a significant change to my account to stop it, so after many 'support texts' back and forth, they then relented and sufficed with Acct number and billing address - WHY is any client put through these hoops, just to be free of advertising rubbish? How can 'opt in' be default and 'opt out' be a change? Does mighty Telstra need to resort to these 'captive audience' purile tactics?

Andrew Fernando
2019-08-12 22:09:24

Abso-bally-utly AMAZING customer…

Abso-bally-utly AMAZING customer service.After having incurred a high bill for an international call to a 'non-included' country, Telstra offered to halve the charges. Technically it was my fault for having misunderstood the terms. By sharing this blame, which was not theirs to share, they gave me relief from mine.Thank you, Telstra.

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