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Lenovo Laptop Price In Australia May 2022

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Lenovo Reviews

Jame Mackay
2020-04-04 07:33:53

I'm very happy with my new Thinkpad

I'm very happy with my new Thinkpad. Its fast, the battery lasts long, the price was fair (due to an coupon from, and nost of the time, the cooling is silent.

Josh Cardy
2020-04-01 11:58:05

Purchased Lenovo Idea Centre A540-241CB…

Purchased Lenovo Idea Centre A540-241CB All in One PC for remote working with budget of about £700. Am very IT literate. Narrowed it down to above PC or ASUS Vivo AiO V222GA. Work for NHS and went to their IT department for final advice. They said go for speed every-time. Having been using it for 2 weeks now. Just brilliant and has far exceeded my expectations. Set up a doddle, very stable, very fast (CPU Benchmark 7781) and looks great. Lots of easily accessible USB ports. Audio and Camera tiptop. Watching BBC Iplayer is like watching the TV. Josh

2020-03-21 11:30:04

I ordered a yoga laptop in Jan 2020

I ordered a yoga laptop in Jan 2020, which by the way is not a device that always folds into a tablet, it depends on the model.The price was keen as a custom build and it said in stock.After order it rapidly became an issue partially due to it needing manufacture in China and the #COVID-19 outbreak.Lenovo_

2020-03-18 11:48:11


Overall hence one star you have not provided a good service Lenovo, yes difficult times but I find incompetence and half truths hard to accept and now reading other reviews can possibly see i have longer term servicing issues to work through and only a RTB warranty by default.In summery if the deals cheap enough and you can pay by escrow using Paypal its probably worth a go but choose carefully.Lenovo

2020-03-16 11:00:44

Lenovo Customer service phone number +1 8.O'O 3.5'9 6'5.5'5

I got the price matched however, you need to convert this order immediately or the quote will be rejected." I honestly thought this must be a scam or something. I checked the quote online and it had multiple mistakes in the configuration, but it did state active until Friday night. Six emails back and forth all week to get it right. Finally, when it does come in right, on Thursday the quote says 'Rejected'. I email the person I am dealing with and get an auto response that they are sick and to contact their backup.

Simon “Midsommar” Green
2020-02-13 21:14:10

Quick delivery

My laptop came in one day. No faults with it, can't say anything about the customer service since I haven't had to speak with them.A lot of the reviews on here seem like they are bots, many accounts with only one review, and a lot of weird copy pastes of the "lenovo customer support number".Make your own opinion of course, but I've not had a single problem with Lenovos website.

2020-02-04 13:17:41

Lenovo…ςùşţόмέŕ şùρρόŕţ Ļίήέ _+1 _8_5-5 8--6-7 __ 4..ό..1-7

Bought a convertible laptop from Lenovo that looks great, and seems to be a excellent package a hardware standpoint.Unfortunately like most on here, the terrible customer service through them will likely keep me from purchasing another piece of hardware from them again.A few months after purchasing my C930 the screen autorotate function stopped working. After several hours troubleshooting on my own and through Lenovo, I was told it was a hardware malfunction.

2020-01-26 05:29:00

From a customer of many years

I am a long time Lenovo customer dating back to when they bought out IBM's personal computer lines (e.g. the beginning of their US presence). They make some very fine computers and their Thinkpads are consistently at the top of the heap. That being said, their online sales department is a total disaster, and their customer service a very mixed bag.Lenovo has so many online sales portals that no human could keep track of them, everything from hundreds of affinity sites to small business to regular consumer sites, and all with different pricing. I think that this is a large part of their problem, an overly complex online sales system that no one could manage.They have set their websites up in a way that encourages you to buy; there are constant deals and lots of options for customization. Unfortunately, after you spend hours figuring out what you want to buy and customizing it to what you want, you have very little assurance that your order will be fulfilled. My own success rate of placing orders and getting an actual product in hand is probably less than 10%. Orders get canceled for no reason and often with no notice. You might get an email saying your order was canceled, but there is no recourse. You might not get an email or other notice and only find out that the order was canceled by checking order status online, possibly weeks later when you are wondering why you didn't get what you ordered.The net result is that ordering online directly from Lenovo is a just a huge waste of time and you very likely will not get the order that you carefully customized. So why bother? That's where I am now. I ended up getting a desktop from instead of the Lenovo gaming desktop I ordered but then had canceled (by Lenovo). I really like my Cyberpowerpc desktop and am glad that Lenovo encouraged me to buy it by their inability to actually supply me with a computer.As to service, it is hit or miss. If you get ahold of the right person (get your case "escalated," it's the only way to do this) Lenovo can be great. They can even send you a new computer if the repairs are taking too long. But getting through to that person is a matter of luck and perseverance. At this point I do not see myself ever buying another Lenovo computer directly from Lenovo as trying to do so is just too much of a waste of time and too likely to result in frustration. The only thing they make that is truly unique is certain Thinkpad laptops in their line. When it comes time to replace the ones I have, and if I decide to stay with Lenovo, then I will buy from a third party site.

2019-11-28 14:03:51

5 stars all the way!

EDIT: FINALLY! My review on the official Lenovo 14w laptop has been posted on the official Lenovo 14w laptop page.After a very long wait, my review has been posted to the Lenovo website. And I'm keeping my word and giving them 5 stars for doing so. Love my laptop and loving that my review has been submitted.HIGHLY recommend the Lenovo 14w laptop. Paid one twenty nine for it and have zero regrets.

Chris Ngesa
2019-11-15 12:46:32

Several years ago I owned a stylus that…

Several years ago I owned a stylus that acted as a remote control for my comp's cursor.That's what made me love Lenovo,nothing else.

Gohan Vaysh
2019-11-09 19:30:22

No matter what people says this guys…

No matter what people says this guys really knows how to do cheap things let's say. So it's all like that anyway. Of course sometime it have not comes with a quality really for whatever you may only imagine. I do hope it will only will work better anyway. Thanks!

Vihar Chaudhari
2019-11-09 01:01:03

I bought Lenovo Ideapad 300 (i5/8GB) in…

I bought Lenovo Ideapad 300 (i5/8GB) in 2016. It like that inbuilt Dolby App makes good entertainment experience. Even I did gaming on this laptop. I used this laptop really well. In future, maybe I will get gaming one too.

2019-09-19 16:56:42

Inaccurate estimated delivery times

The estimated delivery times on the website are outright lies in my experience. If you're in a hurry to receive your goods I'd suggest using a different supplier. Other than that, high quality items and pretty good prices for the most part.

Arskie Robert
2019-09-11 01:09:55

I bought a Lenovo A536 4 years ago

I bought a Lenovo A536 4 years ago. To be honest, in spite of the normal wear and tear of its battery. My unit is still working properly! I am happy that I chose this phone!

2019-06-07 08:00:13

Just great products

Just great products! My pc is really fast and I'm satisfied. Just the customer support is little bit slow but that is fine.

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