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Lazada 10% Discount Code May 2022

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Lazada Malaysia Reviews

reaj islam
2020-04-29 02:32:05

Stay home ,stay with Lazada

You people are doing great job. Your risk for giving fast delivery allow us to stay at home safely.

Shawn Re
2020-03-24 09:30:42

Got a counterfeit item recently

Got a counterfeit item recently, had to go back and forth with emails of photos and proof, they make it a bit hard to to justify as a customr what's clearly a bootleg item.

Christian Kallaehne
2020-03-14 16:36:52

Become better and better over Time....

Become better and better over Time. More Products then ever before although still nothing compared to Amazon. An good Alternative! Quick and sometimes cheaper then in the local Store.

Andrew Z
2020-02-11 11:21:39


good service and best weboste

Zaijun Lai
2020-02-05 12:01:43

Well done, keep it up!

Well, quality control on the seller and return-refund management isn't one of Lazada's expertise, they are pretty awesome in the rest. Friendly customer service, lots of deals and patience towards their customer.It's considerably awesome if you compare it to other shopping platform in the nation, namely, Shopee, which is no more than a piece of crap when it comes to customer satisfaction.

2020-01-14 02:40:08

Enjoying shopping with this website

I like to shopping with this website. No regrets and for me i satisfied

jessica pierre
2019-12-10 14:21:15

My sisters like it.

My sisters often send me packages ordered from Lazada. So far it's been good. Other than some minor issues with their courier, I can say that I am satisfied.

2019-12-09 03:59:01

Terrible (Update 8 Dec 2019)

Terrible (Update 8 Dec 2019)I finally managed to chat with a Live Agent. Okay, I know many of you out there might be frustrated on how to chat with a Live Agent.So I will tell you the way I did it. (A bit of fancy)Step 1 : Click on the live chat buttonStep 2 : You will be greeted by an automated robots aka CLEOStep 3 : I just simply type(delayed) n send, then (no received) then (live agent). I dont quite remember the sequence, but you try yours or even ur own keyword if you will.Step 4 : After a few time typing, I was at a point I could no longer type new question, even any button or link on the chat box, all dead and could not be clicked.Step 5 : Then, I refresh the browser without closing the chat box. (Important, do not close the chat box)Whoila... It showing a message something like this :-"A live agent will be assigned to assist you soon. Your waiting ticket is no3, please be patient... bla bla bla".There you go.Hope this help anyone who is trying to chat with a live agent.P.S. The person (live agent) was very helpful and friendly. Suppose 5 stars for the live agent, but coz the system itself wasnt perfect, I'll have to pull it down to 3 stars.P.S.S Asked bout any specific link to direct chat with a Live Agent. The answer was "No, you will have to go thru the CLEO chat first". Not a fan on this system.

Astral Blaze # Check My Japanese Music Playlist
2019-11-25 08:33:53

Ok after a few bad purchases in Shopee

Ok after a few bad purchases in Shopee, I think Lazada truly deserves the Kudos it needs. I'm not trying to say it's the best place to buy your things in SEA but in Malaysia, for convenience's sake, it's the best compared to Shopee. They have good if not the best customer service, at least some of them managed to help me and at least they try. They honor their 14 days refund policy unlike Shopee, which is a true shopping experience. Don't rate Lazada until you brought a bad product in Shopee and try to refund. I also sell in Lazada and at least they care about their sellers and they provide training and you get to know more sellers on the way and we grow together. I also like how Lazada interacts with it's consumer with it's games and they sure know how to grab customers' attention with their attractive campaigns during the three largest sales of the end of the year.

Seba KL
2019-10-17 14:05:22

Lazada has an amazing customer support…

Lazada has an amazing customer support and super fast delivery! Not to mention a mind blowing selection of products! Make sure you select local vendors over overseas exporters, to avoid problems with returns. Return policies for locally distributed products are super easy and handled very efficiently! It's probably my most frequent online shopping destination!

2019-09-12 09:09:59

Lazada is very simple and easy to use

Lazada is very simple and easy to use. I can now go shopping with just my finger tips. The delivery is accurate and base on my experience all of the items here are at the lowest price.

riki rex
2019-08-17 08:03:04


My suggestion to everybody needing to use this company is: NEVER, NEVER, NEVER pay anything in advance. If Paying at delivery isn't available, contact the seller and try to talk him/her into.but do not pay ahead. I maybe just lost 2000 Baht plus time and efforts and never got the item I paid for. Lazada covers its crap with lots of sugar and sweetness...but is still crap.

2019-07-18 05:12:48

Great, on time and bargain.

Everything touchwood for me. Got item on time, always get updated on delivery. Although shipment came from china mostly, i don’t had to wait to long as currently it take about 7-10 days periods for the parcel to arrived at my front door.

Shane Goh
2019-07-02 04:32:31

It's too easy for sellers to give bad…

It's too easy for sellers to give bad service. Once you buy a product, they will update the status to "Packaged", this stops you from cancelling the order. A few times they do not even have the product yet themselves, when I chat to the seller and ask for refund after waiting a week with no status update, they give the refund reason as "sourcing delay". After that Lazada does not let me rate them after they waste my time.Also once I paid for express shipping and the seller shipped wrong product. They said just keep it and order again and ask Lazada for refund. Also a waste of time and waste of money paying for express shipping. Even worse when I try and rate them they have somehow stopped Lazada from accepting my rating, Lazada returned the page "Some thing wrong". When I chat to Lazada the support person says to flush cookies and re-install app and try different browser, so i try it and nothing changes.What a waste of time.Lazada makes it too easy for bad service from sellers.update: Lazada support followed up with me via email and fixed the problem so I could then review. I appreciate the followup. Upgraded from 1 star to 3 star.

Zaimah Puon
2019-05-02 11:21:05

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