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AliExpress Reviews

MW Collins
2021-08-25 22:12:09

I have mostly had good experiences with…

I have mostly had good experiences with Aliexpress including resolving some disputes. No business is perfect but Aliexpress comes close to it. Much better than Banggood which I had a very bad experience with. Give me Aliexpress any day.

Ria Trinidad
2021-08-25 18:38:14

Cheap products

Cheap products. Good quality. The only down side on my part is that if you buy bit items here, you will have to pick it up in the post office and pay customs fee

2021-08-25 16:52:38

Abra-cadabra postal office

Now heading to pass 100 orders..All the people that are complain about Aliexpress are wrong. The seller sent the order to you..., but...the post office don't care..All postal office from China to youre home are to blame.That's way we receive our orders in 2 months & now with the pandemic creap in 3 months.The (logistic bs) lost parcel/package are between China and youre home town. All postal office merit!

Željko Želježnjak
2021-08-24 19:47:13

DL24P (PRO) 180W Battery tester

Hi to all in this review I will write about DL24P 180W 2.4" dc usb battery tester.For android smartphone you have app that you canconnect to this tester to see more data via BLUETOOTH or you can connect it with usb cable to your computer and download the correspondingapp software.So it has 2.4 inch color display, where you can read all different information, like voltage, power, amps, capacity, resistance and time passed in testing.You can set different things to test, like cut up voltage, or you can set wattage that this test can draw from charger.You can test batteries and chargers the only limitis DC voltage from 2 to 36 volts and 180watts of power.See my video review on YT channel name zec23darkvideo title DL24P (PRO) 180W Battery tester.If you like this review subscribe to my YT channel.Thanks for your time.Bye.

2021-08-24 16:59:05

Got piececool puzzle in two weeks with…

Got piececool puzzle in two weeks with reasonable price.

2021-08-24 15:11:37

90% of my product I receive from…

90% of my product I receive from Aliexpress is 4 star and is compares on the highest grid of quality. Major!

Sachinda Dissanayake
2021-08-24 05:22:36

Good site to buy items

Željko Želježnjak
2021-08-23 17:52:19

TWS R7S bluetooth wireless earphone

Hi to all this is my review of TWS R7S bluetooth wireless earphone v 5.1.The bluetooth wireless earphone can play music for 2h and 40 min, on 60 % volume.Charging time is around 40 minutes.The box has display of left, right and box charge state in numbers from 0% to 100%.Transmission distanceo is around 15M. Bluetooth specification:V5.1, Bluetooth profile: A2DP, AVRCP, HFP; HSP.Box is 2000mAh, or 1300mAh on 5 volts when charging over usb type A, that means that you cancharge your device from 0% to 25% of battery charge(if you have 4000mAh batery).You can see my YT review on my channel zec23dark, name of the video is TWS R7S bluetooth wireless earphone.Tnx for your time.

Sajid Abbassi
2021-08-23 09:48:47

I have had a very good experience with…

I have had a very good experience with aliexpress, I have ordered almost dozens of different items for my ride office and households all were as they were shown in pics, secondly a bit delayed but overall nice experience.

Sereena Catton
2021-08-23 07:22:12

I think Ali is fantastic as long as you…

I think Ali is fantastic as long as you use basic common sense. DON'T buy anything unless you can see customer photos and reviews on the item you want. Look at the amount sold of the item. If its a lot you know its OK. For the past few years I've brought all my Christmas presents from there and saved myself an absolute fortune. Order in September / October to guarantee it arriving in time.

Tamara Ernst
2021-08-23 03:58:14

I have been ordering from AliExpress for years

I have been ordering from AliExpress for several years. I order everything from kitchen gadgets and trinkets, toys, jewellery,stickers and wall decals. I've had mostly great results. Sometimes postage can take a long time but that is usually if you choose "free". I had one pair of earrings arrive broken but the rest in the package were beautiful so I didn't follow up. I had one order not be sent as it went out of stock. They wanted to send an alternate that didn't suit my needs and didn't want to refund so I opened a dispute which AliExpress reviewed and closed in my favour. I got my money back. It was positive outcome. I have not ordered clothes as I'm reluctant to trust the sizing so I can't include that in my review.

2021-08-22 07:18:03

Its been a 6 years dealing with…

Its been a 6 years dealing with Aliexpress App from Ireland never had any issues.Geniune sellers and Organisation , The most important thing is Aliexpress customer care team .I have always chosen Aliexpress for deliveries from China to Ireland.1.Reliable2.Authentic3.Trustworthy4.Cheap prices5.Huge variety of productsRegards,

omar og
2021-08-21 12:46:47

my review about aliexpress

it has been around 7 years since i started using this site sometimes i faced troubles but in general this site is trust worthy i will keep dealing with them

Константин Пив
2021-08-19 07:51:29

I have been ordering various products…

I have been ordering various products here all the time for many years. There are problems, but a dispute with the seller solves the problems that have arisen.

Shadow Czyz
2021-08-18 22:35:56

Read reviews, and you can weigh your options

To get good products, make sure you look at and actually read the seller's reviews. Also know that you get what you paid for; items such as nendoroids and other figures will not be the real deal, other items will also be knockoffs or have defects. Typically I don't order products that lack reviews, as I don't want to take a chance. In addition, I buy items listed on the cheaper side because I don't mind them being a little different from the picture or have some defects. Despite that, I'm very happy with most of what I receive on AliExpress (mind you I pay attention to how many reviews there are and how many stars they give). Shipping does take a while, around a month or so - there are options to get faster shipping, but they range from $30 and upwards. For things like washi tape and stickers, I would rather wait the 1-2 months, thank you. The only bad experience I had was being sent a product I did not order (a variation of earrings that I ordered), but it was only $0.77, so it really did not matter to me as it was a backup pair. That being said, AliExpress sells it to you cheaper because the quality is usually cheaper; make sure to read their reviews if they have any, and make sure you are spending your money on something you don't mind potentially having defects. Still, there are good products on the site, and will continue to use AliExpress.

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