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Woolworths Specials Catalogue This Week May 2022

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Woolworths Online Reviews

2020-05-18 00:58:44

Good experience and good service

2020-05-15 00:07:49

Great customer sevice!

Sanjeeva Manamperi
2020-05-11 02:26:15

Bad Customer Service- Middle Camberwell Store Manager

Hi I am a good customer of WW for long time. I bought a sandwich toaster on Saturday (9th May) night from the Middle Camberwell (VIC) Store. I opened it on Sunday afternoon to use it, then realized that it has been used previously. Straightaway I took it back to store to return, asked me to come back the next day between 7am-3pm bcs the manager is off for the day. When I returned it today (Monday), instead of apologizing, store manager accused me that I have used it yesterday. The language and her service is not acceptable. This ruined my day. She needs to have lessons on positive attitudes towards customers. BTW, I got the money back.

Kerri Patterson
2020-05-08 01:57:28

Thank you Woolworths

Thank you Woolworths for handling most matters in this Coronavirus debacle with patience and helpfulness. I would like to see the check out teams packing our bags again now they have screens etc. for protection. I have shoulder problems and find it very difficult to pack my bags with groceries. Most of us are aware of how contagious the Coronavirus is, but the check out teams are already handling our groceries to scan them from the moving belt so please can we go back to them packing our bags for us as a great service from Woolworths. Thanking you

2020-05-07 19:29:48

Good experience with buying online…

Good experience with buying online groceries.

Jennie van Camp
2020-05-07 02:22:14

Noosa civic no trolley wipes

Noosa civic no trolley wipes and a small sanitiser hidden behind items. The auto hand sanitiser has been broken 2 weeks Not good enough woolies. The staff here are great protect them too!!

Colin Hannan
2020-05-01 10:30:27

Today ..the service I received at…

Today ..the service I received at Woolworths (Innaloo WA) was absolutely brilliant!!.. I don't know her name but she works at the front kiosk & has long straight black hair.. & was working today: 1/3/2020 at around 4:55pm (alongside another very helpful employee named Laine?.. had been to several stores to find 1.5l Original grapefruit juice ..which website said was in stock! Trouble was nobody could find it.. in desperation, I called the Innaloo store .. this lady answered the phone, checked the product online herself, physically went & found it in the chilled & NOT the drinks aisle (where all the other stores showed me! & then falsely claimed didn't stock anymore..??) She asked me how many I require, & personally bagged, tagged & put at kiosk ..ready for me to pick up!!.. Talk about excellent service!.. "Hats off" to the mystery service kiosk lady, she put all the other stores (both Woolworths & Coles) to shame! It's nice when you get service from someone who actually cares enough about the customer to go the extra mile!!!.. Good old fashioned customer service!!.. 10/10I hope that you can identify the lady & pass on my gratitude & give her level of commitment, the recognition she deserves,,!?Thanks again!!

2020-04-22 03:10:35

I have been shopping at woolies for 33…

I have been shopping at woolies for 33 years, even on holidays I always look for it.But this morning I went to Plumpton for an appointment and I have decided to do some shopping at the local Woolworths.I bought Habeesavers hemming & mending tape which I though was half price, although I didn’t need it I bought it because of the discount. After I’ve paid it, I realised that they had charged me the full price, so I asked at the desk to confirm the price and they said that it wasn’t discounted, I said that I wasn’t interested in buying for the full price and their response was that they can not accept returns or give the money back,I said ok and left. But I am not happy this Response, I didn’t even leave the shop, so I would like to ask to Woolworths if they thinkThat this is fair! I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED

Janis Tucker
2020-04-16 07:00:28

A big thank you to Tiana

A big thank you to Tiana, Woolworths Golden Grove store for fantastic service(service with a smile), professional & very helpful.

Atik Tokon
2020-04-15 12:21:45

Woolworths toilet roll prices gone double.

Woolworths business hours back to till 10pm, i've been to buy noodles for kids and I've found tons of toilet rolls on the shelf (9:45pm) but the price gone up to double 10 roll for $11, same as asian country taking advantage for the situation. Woolworths Gungahlin ACT.

Racheal Devi
2020-04-04 10:30:10

The staff at Woolworths Metro in North…

The staff at Woolworths Metro in North Sydney have been so wonderful during this time of distress. They always greet customers with so much respect and answer any questions regarding stock. A very special thanks to Riz for his help today. I had almost run out of toilet paper and due to everyone panic buying, i wasn't able to get any in North Sydney for a while. I called the store to see if there was any left and Riz was able to find a pack for me. Thank you so much Riz. Really appreciate such kindness in these times. Keep up the good work guys.

Levi M
2020-04-03 20:24:55

they are truly the fresh food people

i like the prices are good and the bread is great nothing to complain. Have you tried there hot Hungarian salami it yum yum yum in the tum. Have it on there fresh bread with there fresh tomatoes and there fresh iceberg lattice. They are truly the fresh food people. And there better than Coles !!!!!!!!!!!!!

2020-04-02 08:51:28

Caring for each other.

Hi all. I have worked for Woolworths for 19 years..most people do their best store in belgrave is rated the best customer service in Australia...we know all our customers..l love helping them all. And l remember everything every customer tells be about their life and who said it...we are under a lot of pressure because of this virus..l am sorry if any one was offended by any staff member from any store....we really are trying ...l am not going to lie , we have days where we are quite scared for our health..l am one of the seniors and l worry about the kids l work with and all my customers....regarding products they are coming in..a limit yes, So it is fair for all...packing wise , just for now pack for us please.. So you can help to keep us well.. cheers everyone x

Jodie King
2020-03-28 06:16:34

in store social distancing chaanges

Went to Woolworths today and customers were lined up down the Aisle from each checkout there was extra staff around the service area and staff filling stock in neally every aisle you were struggling to get down the aisles et alone staying 1.5 away from anyone So there changes has only made us closer together we had more distance previously

2020-03-28 03:24:00

Outstanding during the COVID-19…

Outstanding during the COVID-19 pandemic. Woolworths Australia has been doing a fantastic job in difficult circumstances. They are employing more people, adjusting opening hours to accommodate the isolated and the vulnerable, and improving their online service. The staff in particular are stars for dealing with the current crisis, and some very difficult customers. Thank you Woollies!

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