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OtterBox Reviews

Eliel Gibson
2020-05-19 08:49:30

amazing damage proof phone case.

I ordered a clear otterbox phone case for my iPhone 7 and have had it slip out of pocket bouncing on the concrete and slid. After looking at it there wasn’t a scratch and I accidentally left it on the roof of a car which drove for 30 mins at 60-70km/h, down hills, over speed bumps and around sharp corners and it remained on the roof. WORTH THE MONEY 100%!!

Justin Johnson
2020-05-16 09:19:43


I have a otter box on my stylo 5 and was riding my bike. My phone came out of my pocket at over 130 mph and rolled about a block down the rd and i thought for sure it was done. It did crack the bottom corner a little bit but overall im amazed ive had phones fall out with no case so I know what happens

2020-05-01 18:40:01

An improving company

Had an s4 with a case that I badly needed fixed ro protect my phone. The process was so complicated to get a replacement back in 2016, I was never able to get my defender case. Upgraded a few years later to a Note 8, and since Otterbox cases are sturdy; I equipped my Note8 with one. 2 years later and the hard-case started breaking from the bottom near the cable ports. Went to see the process and it's become easier to get replacements. There are cheaper cases out there for less money, but the service and hassle-free experience gets its value. Just wish they had some sort of added screen protector for the edge screens.

kelvyn williams
2020-04-26 17:59:07

Thank you otterbox,i purchased an…

Thank you otterbox,i purchased an otterbox defender for my note 10 plus,i took the case apart to clean my device,and accidently broke the clips on the inner shell,replied to otterbox for the warranty and they sent me the whole nother case w belt clip,who does that? Nobody but otterbox,my trusted brand,thank you otterbox.

Trevor Atchley
2020-04-16 04:55:50

Best case ever

Put my damn phone on stove but otterbox saved my shiz. My phone was smoking but it saved it

Georgia Craig
2020-03-02 12:30:55

Posted new case

I have bought a case. Got told it would be 5 to 7 days when shipped. I got the shipping confirmation and i hadnt received within 7 days. I emailed and got told 8 days. It has now been 10 days and i still havent recived my case. THEY SENT ME A NEW ONE

Mark Jones
2020-02-27 19:02:27

I drive an 18 wheeler.

I drive an 18 wheeler.. after inspecting my truck for safety requirements, I began rolling forward about 3 feet to head out on my trip when I realized my phone was not in the cab with me.. I freaked out.. backed up 3 feet hoping that I had not rolled over it. When I got out to look for it, my phone was right up against the front drive tire.. I had rolled over my phone twice (with a 72,000 lb 18 wheeler) and it survived, intact. Couldn’t believe it! I didn’t notice until the next day that the case was cracked in a few places.. the phone screen had a couple of faint cracks that I had to hold up to the light just right, but overall, it survived and still looks and operates normal. Customer service was excellent and sent me a replacement case! Am definitely sold on OtterBox

Grace Petersen
2020-02-26 17:43:56


I bought an Otterbox case at a Telus location in Ontario. It was the Symmetry case that’s clear and sparkly. After just a few months, the rubber bumper started yellowing. From there, it turned a grimy yellow-brown. I called their customer service and was able to speak with someone within 5 minutes or so. The agent advised me that cosmetic wear-and-tear isn’t normally part of the warranty, but she said she’d still go ahead and send one out. She also mentioned that they’re supposed to ship out the same one, but she let me choose a different colour for the case so I wouldn’t have the same issue again. The only downside is that I had to pay about $10 CAD for the shipping on the replacement. The package came within a week though, so not too bad.

Tom Hollander
2020-02-21 00:00:34

Unbelievable customer service

Fast, friendly, polite and efficient. No harassment about details for warranty, invoice etc. I called on a Monday noon and in my hands by noon Wednesday. From Colorado to British columbia, unheard of. Paid for shipping and boom. I'd give it a 10 star if possible. Keep up the good work, don't listen to the naysayers. I am a loyal customer for as long as Otterbox is in business.

2020-02-20 16:50:27

Otterbox is a hero!

I was in a hurry this morning and dropped my phone as I was walking to my car. I ran over my phone whole tire! No damage to my phone at all! I am so grateful for the otterbox hero! The perfect way to avoid tragedy with your phone. Best investment ever. I would recommend everyone get an otterbox! Thank you so much for this product!

Rex Glover
2020-02-16 13:54:47

fantastic product saved my phone

I drive a gasoline tanker for a living and I carry an iPhone 8 concealed in and an OtterBox. On February 15 I dropped my OtterBox while delivering gas and had to back my truck up as I did a ran over my phone inside the OtterBox. I thought my phone was destroyed but because of the OtterBox all I had to do was replace the screen OtterBox is a fantastic product. Thank you for saving my phone! With minimal damage to my OtterBox thank you so much.

Mateusz Nowakowski
2020-02-08 00:47:31

No idea why so low

No idea why so low. Since s7 edge i am using otterbox now s9+ still like a new phone. Immaculate phone after usage. Worth higher price. Never anything else. Thx

Andrew Benson
2020-02-06 01:46:51

However it is useful and protective, it sucks.

However it is useful and protective the OtterBox is horrible when you don’t pick up your phone. I have dropped it on many occasions and my phone has not shattered however on two occasions one where it fell off my bed and on the soft carpet the screen had a crack, then my phone was with me at a basketball court face down with it not being used wrapped up in my hoodie and the back shattered in otterboxes most protective case, I was alone and it was cloudy and cool, so it wasn’t heat not sun that could’ve cracked it, by giving OtterBox a three star rating is very generous for being such an asinine product. My case has also deteriated completely in less than one year.

Hakafado AA
2020-02-02 23:23:33

Otterbox products are the best of the best.

Please note that we are using Otterbox since iPhone 4s. Their products (cases), customer service team members are the best of the best.Overall, we highly recommended their products.

Amanda Roberts
2020-02-02 01:21:21

I accidentally dropped my phone down an…

I accidentally dropped my phone down an elevator shaft. 5 floors and recovered my phone, which was only covered by an simple otterbox. Not protecting the screen, and it had no damage at all. Love these cases and am so thankful to have such an amazing product.

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