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Venus Reviews

2020-05-04 23:01:33

I'm always scared to try new shopping…

I'm always scared to try new shopping sites but I was very please. I wasn't disappointed with what i got so I'll be keeping my eye out on any other cute new things they have coming out.

Erin Dickson
2020-04-24 10:47:41

Sad about the bad reviews! Venus is AMAZING!

I am stunned by all of the bad reviews about Venus! I came across this because I was looking for how to rate my most recent Venus order on their website, I really want to rave about them because I LOVE their clothes. They're so unique, yet trendy and for me, the sizes are pretty consistent. I rely heavily on customer reviews of items on the Venus website and they are typically spot on. Clothing companies cannot possibly know every body type and size when they create clothing, but if you read the customer reviews, which often includes the customer's size, you can easily get a sense of how that same piece of clothing would work on you AND the reviews mention more specific things like the quality of the material, etc. Go to their website and read some of the specific clothing reviews and you'll know they're not a scam, the customer reviews on their website are very honest. I am literally a walking advertisement for Venus, I rarely shop elsewhere and I've turned many of my friends onto the website as well. It's not always perfect, like any other store, I've had to return things - but most of the time it's because the clothes don't look like they did on the model, duh. Yes, you have to pay for shipping on a return, unless you're exchanging - but if you read the reviews before buying you most likely won't NEED to return. Thanks for reading!

2020-04-12 07:25:46

wanted to love this but I am disappointed…

Okay I have ordered a lot of items in the past from Venus but I just received my order and I am so disappointed about two of the dresses. The first one is the high low black ruffle dress item Z88093-XL-ANBK and I ordered it in a an XL. I have had good luck ordering some items in an XL but this one wasn't one of them. The dress is so narrow in the chest I could not even get it on. It looks like a size small. I am a plus size girl and sometimes I wear a 1X, sometimes an XL but it depends on the style. If it is a really form fitting dress I will sometimes even order a 2X but that tends to be too big in the chest for me. I am going to have to return it. The second dress also did not fit in the bust line. I ordered a total of 6 dresses and these two were too small, the rest all fit fine.

Lisa Nash
2020-04-09 06:28:33

Gave em a second chance and was pleasantly surprised!

I tried Venus a couple of years ago. I found a couple of cute tops, and some items which were of poor quality for what I paid. I wasn’t impressed and I didn’t try them again for a while. Now, since stores are closed due to the pandemic, I tried Venus online again. I purchased 4 tops, different styles, and all of them were hits! The items fit perfectly and the quality of the fabric was great, about the same as what you would find at Macy’s. Not sure if Venus stepped up their quality standards or if I simply got lucky, but I’ll definitely give Venus another shot. I love the style of their clothes and the price was definitely reasonable for what I got. I also never had any issues with returns or exchanges in times past, although it is more time consuming because it has to be shipped (unless you pay extra to expedite).That’s just how online shopping is. Sometimes, giving a a second chance is worth it. :)

Katasha Willingham
2020-02-23 04:23:12

I ordered a dress on Wednesday night…

I ordered a dress on Wednesday night and received it today in the mail, I always wanted to make a purchase from this website and took a chance after being scammed from a website in China. I love the dress a little bigger than I wanted but I can adjust it and that's my fault because I am dieting. I am ordering all my clothes from here now so I can be well dressed for my cruise in April. I promise to post a picture for everyone to see and I think people must remember body type plays a major part in what we purchase.

Inconsistent Days
2020-02-11 19:34:03

I love you Venus

I love you Venus I have been ordering for 2 years I have never been disappointed. I love the styles its just my style. I absolutely love everything I have ever ordered. It always fits, always comfy, arrives fast. Love Love Love them so much better than lane Bryant, or Catherines. I am addicted to Venus I'm on fire, Light my fire Venus is just my style. LOL

Melanie Stengewis
2020-02-02 22:20:12

For the girl who suggested boohoo i…

For the girl who suggested boohoo i have had to teturn a number of items to boohoo due to the sizes not even close to what they advertise ,and yes i do measure myself. Mostly this is in jeans but as an Aussie too I say don't trust boohoo.

Lisa Moore-Phillips
2020-01-12 07:09:59

I have been ordering from venus for…

I have been ordering from venus for years and have never been disappointed with my merchandise when it arrives. The customer service representatives are always nice and helpful when I call. Love you guys, you'll be hearing from me soon, just received a new catalog.

Kizzie Young
2019-12-02 17:02:36

I've been ordering alot from Venus…

I've been ordering alot from Venus within this past month. I haven't had any problems. Fast shipping too. If anything one dress I ordered I kinda wasn't expecting but again I'm not a model and I'll still rock the outfit tho. I haven't ordered their pants or anything tho so I can't help with that. Just shoes and boots, Tops and alot of dresses as of now .

Solstice Claire
2019-11-21 04:44:33

My mother and I have been buying from…

My mother and I have been buying from this site for years, and I can promise it's not a scam. I have never experienced any issues with my orders, nor has my mother. I'm honestly surprised at the amount of negative reviews

Cindy Gray Brock
2019-11-07 23:07:03

I order from Venus quite a bit

I order from Venus quite a bit. If you use their wallet program you can return for free. I have liked most things but now and then either doesn’t fit or not what I like.

Jacqui McLeay
2019-11-07 08:34:48

Very happy with purchase

Can’t believe the complaints about “ Venus” I really liked a pair of bathers and was worried ordering them because of the negative reviews. I still went ahead. Bought them on the 28th October and received them today, 7th November. Exactly as picture ( apart from my body - lol ) nicely made and true to size. Follow their sizing guide. Great communication too. Thank - you Venus. Will be back shopping

Jessica Zarnofsky
2019-10-09 03:37:12

I've been generally pleased with all of…

I've been generally pleased with all of the items I've received from Venus over the years. The few times I've gotten the wrong size, it's been pretty easy to exchange (in the US). I pretty much only purchase tops and sweaters from them. There was one problem (with one specific shirt) where I got a faulty item. (The center lace pulled apart easily.) I contacted customer support and they sent me out a new one immediately. Unfortunately that shirt was also faulty, and had clearly been tried on and returned as it was already torn in the exact same place.

2019-08-07 10:40:30

NEVER order boots from this company!!!

I LOVE Venus clothing and swim suits and have been ordering from them for years!! My wardrobe at this point is probably 75% their clothing. On the occasion that something doesn't fit properly, or the very rare occasion that I don't like the item, returns and account credit/refunds are super easy. HOWEVER, I just ordered boots for the first time and am HORRIFIED at the quality!!!!!! Cheap material, ill fitting and with that horrible smell that comes with items made in China..... NEVER order boots from this company!!!

Destin Martini
2019-06-13 20:11:30

I have been a pleased Venus customer…

I have been a pleased Venus customer for 4 or so years and just today received a dress and PJ's that I ordered-I adore them both. Quality-good! Price-good! I'm happy. Sometimes I have sent merchandise back and I realized recently that Venus must sell items from many different vendors (from other countries). I am much more likely to keep the clothing if it is an actual Venus brand w/a Venus label. It's the clothes coming w/labels from China for example (and several other countries) that sometimes smell bad and are of very poor quality. I had to return a dress several wks ago that seriously appeared like it was made from plastic. And it was nothing like what was featured in the catalog. The material was ridiculous. I was disappointed to even have that sent to me!There are many reviews from unhappy customers, returning things. I'm curious if others have had the same experience. Venus brand vs. others (other countries like China). I plan to continue buying from Venus. Best of luck.

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