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Uber Eats Promo Code Australia September 2021

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Ubereats Reviews

Kate Shrimpton
2020-05-18 15:55:23

Uber is great to work for getting about…

Uber is great to work for getting about £5 a trip. Sign up with my code and get £10 free j9t4fjv5m

2020-05-17 20:22:49

Uber disappointment for eats - no show no dinner

We made an order for two burgers from a local burger joint and after an hour was advised it was delivered. Once we called and emailed to confirm and reconfirm it had not in-fact it had been delivered ... we received no explanation or clarity .. left hungry, disappointed by customer service who had a flippant attitude to add injury to insult.. As a household of many people we are reconsidering using Uber ever again...The burger supplier did have the order picked up .. so lost in transit... and translation it seems ..the subsequent replies I received by email came across so very impersonal by the use of corperate jargon. Stating no offer of any resolution just a very Standard auto-response .. Shame.. it’s put me off the brand completely and scared me off using their other taxis etc etc

Shams Kakar
2020-05-17 03:30:48

Never had any issues what so ever with…

Never had any issues what so ever with Uber eats food comes on time fresh & hot you can track the driver how far he is & always get messages from the driver if there is any delays or food are not ready from the pick up points. Absolutely shocked by so many negative reviews.

Asanda Sjeyza
2020-05-16 11:24:22

Terrible service

Terrible service! I would not advise anyone to use it. You can't talk to anyone when you encounter a problem all they have is just a chat service on their app which takes forever to be attended to. I ordered my food and an hour later I got a notification that my food had been delivered but I had not gotten any food let alone some form of communication from the driver. And they had already deducted my account. I was fuming because I really needed the food was extremely hungry. They eventually refunded me after a long drag. I'm just wondering what on Earth is going on with these guys are they working with crook drivers? Do these drivers steal the food if that's the case what repurcussions do they face really. So disappointed I'm never using their app again.

Jem P
2020-05-15 01:46:19

Brilliant drivers

Never really had a problem with delivery always quick drivers are always nice, Always tip them, if I have something missing which has happened that’s down to the place not drivers. Not sure what all the bad reviews are about, it’s a pricey service but that’s what your paying for a quick service. So you don’t have to leave your house. £10 off a £15 order first time users —- use this code: eats-jemp351ue

Laura Thomas
2020-05-13 14:59:48

good service and customer service

Vladislavs Parols
2020-05-12 16:43:08

great service however drivers sometimes…

great service however drivers sometimes are too slowUse code "eats-033bjl" for £15 off a £20 order.

2020-05-09 00:40:32

Worst service ever

Worst service ever. Placed an order to be delivered between 6:45 and 7:15. I was notified after 7:15 that my order had been canceled. I will never use this app again.

2020-05-02 16:07:39

Possibly the worst customer service ever

Possibly the worst customer service on the planet. I beg people not to order off these people. Scandalous customer service, never offer refunds when they have server issues and wrong orders turn up. Call centre wait around sixty minutes and a Complete waste of time. Order number D02B0 if Uber has the balls to contact me. Please don’t go near this company for food

Eva Rod
2020-05-01 19:32:57

Uber Eats is supporting local restaurants

During these difficult times with the Covid-19 pandemic I have been receiving constant reminders by e-mails and ads in the Uber Eats app asking me to support local restaurants with symbolic donations. However it may seem inconvenient to receive lots of emails weekly, I do appreciate their effort to help local businesses which are now probably struggling with the lack of costumers. The app has also set a list of local, small restaurants near me, that are offering special discounts in an attempt to attract costumers. This list is always the number one banner on the top of the app, in a way you really can't miss. I have had my issues with deliveries within the app before. I don't like how, sometimes, they will have the delivery guy pickup my order and then put them on route for another pick order, before delivering mine. Because once it gets to me the food is already cold. Nonetheless, now I feel like I have to recognise the company's attempt to help small businesses to make it through the pandemic.

Emma Rexton
2020-04-26 08:49:40

Great prompt delivery

2020-04-23 22:14:01

It's ok

It's ok, not like other ones, they don't really give you much promos like grubhub.

Hope they come back soon
2020-04-19 14:23:03

Hope they come back soon

always delivering fastMissing Uber Eats!

2020-04-19 10:38:33

Get £15 off your first Uber Eats order of £20 or more when you use my code at checkout: eats-virginiav15

I use ubereats a few times a week and I overall like it. Easy to track the delivery through the app and many restaurants to choose from. When I had issues with my order the customer service was fast to reply and gave me a partial refund which I thought was fair. Get £15 off your first Uber Eats order of £20 or more when you use my code at checkout: eats-virginiav15

2020-04-18 18:38:03


i WAS DOING UBER EATS ON THE WEEK NIGHTS AND ESPICALLY ON THE WEEKEND AND THIS DUDE DEICED TO RERUN ANOTHER BACK RUN CHECK BUT I Was going to rent and uber rental car on uber x or black and do airport runs during the morning and do uber eats during the daytime during Lunch and dinner in my personal vechile to do eats, Then I am going rent a vechile for couple days out of the week thats black on black for uber black or uber xthank you.Alex .A

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