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Ttdeye Free Shipping May 2022

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TTDEYE Reviews

Jennifer Tomasik
2020-04-30 09:30:23

I know people are going to say this is…

I know people are going to say this is fake. And after reading many reviews. Both good and bad, I still made my purchase, I see many people saying it’s shipped from China. I ordered mine around the 11th of April, and received them on April 29th (roughly 18 days) which is acceptable, according to the 10-20 day delivery period. I received my package from California, not China. I bought 3 sets and got 3 for free. As well as a few accessories. I love them all very much. My only issue was with the tracking. Seemed a little shady at first cause I couldn’t find my order. And the tracking number seemed weird. But as soon as I messaged TTDEye on their FB. They helped me get the correct information. And like I said previously, I love all the colors I picked!

Lorena Lorena
2020-04-28 01:32:08

I love how natural my lenses look!!!!

I actually ordered on March 30th and due to the COVID got my package on April 27th! Due to the situation, that’s not bad. Guys, they’re legit. The eye lenses are to die for at how natural they look. It’s almost freaky!!!!!! I love them so much ! I did think my order was probably never going to come but just be patient.

Anon x
2020-04-27 11:46:37

pleasantly surprised, good experience

I was super sceptical about this company based on the reviews, but I’ve had a really positive experience. So from the get go, they say 10-20 days shipping, mine came in 16 calendar days, (just over 2 weeks) which i was prepared for, (during the coronavirus pandemic too)The only thing I don’t like about this company is the tracking is boogz! Some different chinese tracking system nevertheless its one of those companies which you just have to trust. When i opened the box it was like a boujie version of mc donalds happy meal just contact lense version, It comes with the contacts itself, contact case, contact box, tweezers, applicator, hand mirror, stickers/tattoos, tiny card with envelope and a little anime doll, so at my grown age its made me really excited and it comes in a pretty iridescent box too, purchased egypt brown for roughly 23 quid after codes etc. Im happy and would recommend I should be on the PR list after this review, ttdeye, get at ur girl if ur reading this.

Falon not "Sweetie"
2020-04-26 18:12:03

Customer service sucks

I absolutely love these contacts. I have been ordering from ttdeye for two years. My only problem with them is their customer service shopping interface. TRIPLE CHECK YOUR ORDER BEFORE PAYING! If there is a mistake, they will not do anything to correct it

Sarah Wallick
2020-04-15 19:57:36

I got mine!!!!

I ordered my contacts on March 27th and I received it April 14th.... it is not a scam. It just takes awhile bc of the Covid. They look great.

Anna Stclair
2020-04-14 14:35:42

Good experience

I have seen many bad reviews for this company but I had a good experience with them, the shipping said it would take 10 - 20 days and it took 16 days , it came in a very nice package with little extra gifts which was cute and the contact lenses are a really nice colour and comfortable to wear.

Bread Bread
2020-04-11 15:29:48

It could be better

Yeah so I have order like 6 contacts and I have like a mistake in the order so it came like 2 Month after the I order . I wrote a lot of Emails and the people was friendly. But sometimes the need so long to make something , every time I need to write another email for something like a new tracking number. And on of my Contacts a not in the color I order. It should be a yellow , a really really neon yellow , but it was not yellow at all it was like a really disgusting White and you can see that the contacts lost his color and I have no idea how old the contacts is. I wrote a email again , because the contact but no answer. I can understand because Corona , because the shop is in China

Zara Lavendt Hohlbein
2020-03-28 21:40:46

My fourth time ordering and I love it!

I now have 3 pairs that I ordered, and I LOVE THEM ALL. I love how thin they are. It feels like they aren't even there and I like that. They don't itch at all and my eyes never hurt because of them. If my eyes hurt then it's because I've worn them for a longer time. I just ordered 3 more pairs because they're so easy. Easy shipping and fast delivery. It takes maybe a little more than a week, and I live in Denmark so don't complain about delivery.

Hailes Myers
2020-03-25 15:04:33

customer service was crap.

My shipping experience was bad it took over a month to get my contacts in. Today they did come in and I tried on all pairs that I got, I find that these contacts are super thin. Not what I’m used to, and it took me a while to get them in and now even with them in it feels a bit odd. I can honestly say I won’t buy from ttdeye again but I’ll wear the contacts I bought until I can’t (so we will see if a year is the limit I guess) I was not expecting a box full of goodies to come with it though so that was pleasant.

2020-03-13 04:06:29

The contacts have been great for me

The contacts have been great for me. They look great and don't hurt at all unless I've fallen asleep with them in. They're delivery is a bit slow but the product is worth the wait in my eyes. I personally haven't had to contact their customer service so I can't comment on that but the contacts themselves are awesome.

Albina Dangol
2020-02-16 03:14:47

I loved the lens

I loved the lens. It really looked good on me. But I didn’t have any idea how to store it. Can anyone say me how to put it out before sleeping.

Jasmine Wolfberg
2020-02-13 22:56:41

Completely satisfied (+ Why the bad reviews exist and how to prevent it)

It's sad to see so many bad reviews of people blaming their own mistakes on the product.They are very comfortable to wear and if you are worried about them being too thick, then please look at the data that is provided on the website before buying it.Ripping your cornea is also not the fault of the seller. This can happen every single time something touches your eye in any way - so you should be aware that wearing contacts in general does put your eyes at risk. However, the risk can increase when you have dry eyes. If that is the case, please buy lenses that are particularly made for people with dry eyes and make sure to keep your eyes hydrated to decrease the chance of getting injured. If your eye gets damaged, it is not the website's fault because it is usually caused by putting the contacts in and out because even the slightest touching of your eye can rip the cornea. Also, wearing them for a longer time than TTDEYES advises can get the lense stuck and rip off the cornea because the lenses need to get rehydrated.It's sad to see so many people blame it on the seller eventhough it is not their fault if you accidentally scratch your cornea.I cannot entirely judge the color because I wear red contacts and they aren't supposed to look natural but I was told by others that they look real.The website provides proper pictures of the lenses, as well as customer reviews who often provide pictures of someone wearing it. If that isn't enough, you can always check out their instagram account and look for someone who tried out this exact color to see how real it looks - make sure that you amd the person have similar eye colors. (I recommend "Before - After" comparisons)I definitely enjoy wearing the contacts a lot and I think their shop has improved a lot over the past.Please make sure to read the instructions on their website to know how to use their contact lenses. Also, use the information provided by the website to inform yourself about the lenses before purchasing them and be aware of the risks that come with wearing contact lenses in general.The shop is not a scam and provides proper lenses. Be aware of what you're buying, don't just buy a product without informing yourself about it, especially if you want to put it into your eyes.(Might also add that they ARE FDA approved, unlike some reviews state. The contact lenses that are sold by the show ARE FDA approved.)

Fanny Koffmann
2020-02-04 14:18:23

I don't understand all the bad reviews

I don't understand all the bad reviews. I ordered one pair and recieved it in 5 days. They are very confortable on the eyes (and I'm really not used to wear contacts). Don't look very "natural" but I really don't care, I really enjoy looking like a mystical creature

Violet Victoria
2020-01-10 09:24:41

Super natural contact lenses to change my eye color+Discount code

Contact lenses lover. I write this review after wearing their contact lenses for one month.My eyes are brown, and I ordered the Pearl Gray contact lens just for a try.To my surprise. They are supernatural and comfortable on my eyes.OMG!I love this gray so much! Guys, you will never know how much I love this color.This is my first review of their products.Their customer service gave me a discount code, and I wanna share it with you guys here: "SNOWMAN"to save your money.

Jade Calandra
2020-01-08 20:08:15

I mean. 5 stars for me.

I ordered two and got them within 7 days. Cause after I ordered them I came on here to see reviews and freaked out lol . But anyway I got them and let them soak in soultion for 10 hours and then wore them. They started to annoy me after like 8 hours. But over all I really like the color a lot. So y’all don’t come for me please lol but there is a website we’re they sell the same contacts for a cheaper price what I don’t agree on is stealing from another bussiness. So there’s always pro and cons to everything in each bussiness. I would just tell them “ I’m a YouTube/ Instagram influence reviewing the product” they’ll come faster

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