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Shein Reviews

2020-05-17 07:27:50

No problems took 2 weeks for items to…

No problems took 2 weeks for items to arrive. My daughters were very pleased

Coco Channe
2020-05-17 02:31:30

i like their clothes very cute and…

i like their clothes very cute and trendy but quality wise it is not the best but you get what you pay for.I really like how easy they made their policies to return unwanted items

S14 1414
2020-05-16 03:05:29

Not a bad word about them yet

Not a bad word about them yet. I order t-shirts from them

2020-05-15 19:57:15

I placed two orders on May 14th

I placed two orders of well over $200.00 on May 14th so will see how it goes. It says on their "tracking" info that one of the items has been "shipped" but there is also an indication for both that "Sorry, your order has no updating or it is in processing now, please kindly check 1 or 2 days later." The information is scant -- customers need more reassurance / updates in real time than some vague acknowledgement / claim. There is no live individual to address the issue with only a robot to respond in like fashion. (so forget any individual or specific concerns necessarily being addressed) You are left hanging in the air with no real back-up whatsoever. Still hoping that all goes well and that I receive the items within a reasonable time-frame. None of us need the frustration or anxiety of "not knowing". I am now wondering if I will ever receive the packages or a total refund after reading these negative reviews. We should not have to be on edge due to the uncertainty of it all..... there is no human voice or direct feedback to respond to our individual concerns / provide some measure of reassurance. I remain "cautiously optimistic" for the time being and still expect to receive these items, understanding that there could be some delay in shipment and / or delivery of the orders due to the pandemic. I will definitely let you guys know what happens. All the Best from Canada

2020-05-15 12:00:24

Shein is in my opinion a good company

Shein is in my opinion a good company. You go onto the website knowing the clothing is cheap and will not be the most expensive quality. There is the option to read reviews and see customer photos of items so you can then judge the quality of the item. I’d recommend checking the sizing chart for every item as they run different. Delivery does take ages but sure look sure listen you can hold tight. Make sure you seek your clothes on depop when done in order to reduce wasting the clothes :)

alison S
2020-05-14 22:12:10

Hit or Miss

It's honestly a hit or miss with the items. I've been ordering for years off this website and a few similar merchants. Something to keep in mind is you are to paying quality but instead quantity. The fabrics will not be the highest quality but it reflects in the price!Also, something to note is it important to read the product reviews, that is what helps me when choosing what to purchase and which size!Hope this helps!

Leah Masterson
2020-05-10 22:58:56


I love shein! Its a great website. Clothes are a great price

2020-05-09 11:39:53

I did buy once

I did buy once, the product were ok at a decent price not very low but also not high, quality pretty much as price, and that is ok. I did not return anything so I wouldn't about about that service. They have a big big problem with mail service if you subscribe they will send at least 4 mails a day and that is not a mail service that is spam, whoever is handling that service should be fired I would have gladly remain subscribed if they would be sending less mails but they are heavy spammers and that is their loss people don't buy more if you spam, people unsubscribe. I hope you learn something from this.

Siobhan Hancock
2020-05-08 18:03:40

Affordable nice clothes, good service

Use this site often, the sizes are different for each item so you always need to check measurements but good service nice clothes. Have returned items and been refunded fairly quickly. I live in uk, have noticed a lot of the bad reviews are from the US etc so wouldn’t let that out you off. Great affordable products

2020-05-08 09:22:27

Definitely recommend this site!

I am so shocked by all the bad reviews! I’ve ordered 3 different dresses (now the cutest dresses I own! ) super cute and great quality. Also a toddler outfit which is the cutest, bathing suit, and a few accessories. I live in LA and shipping got to me about a week and a half both times I ordered from them during this pandemic. They are my favorite site to order from now because of how cute the clothes is for soo cheap! This site is not a scam I promise!

2020-05-08 04:05:50

Custom fees

Just getting my package delivered to Canada caused me to pay a lot of customs and duty's. Not sure if i would order again just because you pay so much extra to receive the package. I get that it may not be Shein's fault but I just don't think the quality you are getting is worth paying so much extra money. (I had express shipping by DHL). I'm also not sure how customs work but i have ordered items from China before and I have never been charged for customs.Edit: customer service has now responded and say they would refund me half the amount I was charged for the duties. Although I still had to pay extra, Im glad they do this compensation.

Brenna Arcebuche
2020-05-07 22:54:08

I love it

I love it! Everything was top quality and fit me perfectly. Im very pleased with my order and definitely will be shopping here again!

Christina El khoury
2020-05-07 14:54:51

Great online clothing site

I purchased and received clothes and accessories from Shein lately for the first time and I gotta say.. it’s affordable, it’s good quality (at least most of the items except for leather pants don’t buy them lol) they’re generous, they refund immediately in case of dissatisfaction, they leave you a reply to your tickets within 24 hours and they solve your problems and concerns, they ship fast (I received my parcels one month later in the middle east which is great). I really loved buying from this site, I just hope they would deal with the local post office and not Aramex because Aramex is so expensive and overpriced. I liked Shein better than Zaful in terms of fitting, quality and the period of shipment. I’m thinking of creating a youtube channel just for Shein try on hauls and giving honest reviews and feedback.

Miss Nöjd
2020-05-07 13:26:52


Easy webpage with Products that look the same at deliviery.

2020-05-07 11:15:05

pleasantly surprised!

I was super worried after reading loads of terrible reviews, so I just ordered a few things to see if it would be okay. Everything came in just a couple of weeks and are all surprisingly good quality! Not excessive packaging so not super wasteful. Great products for the cheap price and I can’t wait to wear them!

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