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Microsoft Office 365 Promo Code Australia January 2022

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Peter Apologia
2020-04-28 09:11:16

professional and personal at the same time

I am living in Sweden, so the contact to Microsoft USA does not appear here. I use professional Office365 software and have frequently contact with Microsoft Customer Service. I would classify - based upon experience - Microsoft as having the best customer service in the world. It is the same engineer etc. that contacts me, if I dont answer they try again and their communication is professional and personal at the same time.

Alex Younger
2020-04-10 21:29:29

I love Microsoft products

I love Microsoft products, especially Microsoft Office, it helps me a lot in daily routine.

Lilly Lon
2020-02-07 18:01:48

I have been MS office 365 for the past…

I have been MS office 365 for the past two years. This helps me and my business organize things in a much better way. Thanks Microsoft for such a great product.

2019-10-04 03:31:47

Good company

Good company.Nice products.

2019-08-11 10:31:53

The website is one of the largest…

The website is one of the largest business organization in world.

lucky lucky
2019-07-09 16:10:43

I am very bad during use

I am very bad during use, because my system always crashes.

2019-05-23 20:45:14

Support was quick to resolve my issue.

I had an unfortunate experience with Microsoft Azure, however Microsoft support was quick to resolve the issue (within two hours) and that dwarfed the unfortunate experience by a mile. I'll recommend Azure for that reason. Excellent and versatile service with effective and quick support.On a site note, I'll have to give another star to Microsoft for WSL, Typescript, VS Code and Windows Terminal. Thank you!

Andrew Heine
2019-03-22 00:01:35

Love Microsoft!

2018-10-16 06:48:20

The Surface Go is very close to an…

The Surface Go is very close to an ideal budget tablet and mini laptop in one device, but short battery.Good!

2018-09-14 20:44:44

Some apps that I dont need

Some apps that I dont need, but useful to get things like Spotify so its always up to date.

2018-08-03 04:53:48

had an issue with my microsoft office…

had an issue with my microsoft office constantly using the 2013 expired pirated version instead of my latest licenced version (essentially, every time i tried to open a word file, it would start redownloading the old version despite deleting any presence of it). support helped a lot, support staff was really nice and she explained to me what she was doing so i learned a bit as well.

Robert Wilson
2018-01-22 23:08:18

MICROSOFT ENGLAND (Bill Gates Owes Me £75-00)

MICROSOFT ENGLAND, TrustPilot please make a new column for this company.Review: Let me make this abundantly clear, I love Microsoft, the company and its products including Google. But Bill Gates does owe me £75-00, this comes about because around 3-4 years ago I got an advertising coupon from Google offering my roofing company £75,00 worth of free advertising if I spent £75 on advertising with them. The coupon said "I would be sent a free voucher for £75.00 of free advertising on the Google search engine if I spent £75. I enrolled in this promotion, I paid the £75,00 requested but never got the free voucher promised, I emailed them to ask why and was told that I had failed to include the promotion code for that week's coupon and because of this oversight, I did not qualify for the free voucher! I strongly suspect that there must be thousands of GB subscribers who've made this error and been unfairly penalised and taken advantage of. A true but comical story: In 1979 I left England to go and live in Seattle, USA, on my arrival I purchased the local newspaper the Seattle Intelligencer and read the classified adverts for salespeople wanted. I earmarked three companies, I phoned all three and obtained 3-interview appointments one with a meat wholesaler, one with a Ford car sales garage, and a 3rd with what I thought was a toy firm, I drove to this toy firms offices first and sat outside and studied the nameplate and soon came to the conclusion 'that it was a toy firm who sold a toy called a Microsoft', which I wrongly imagined was a cuddly teddy bear which if you wound it up bounced up and down on a tabletop, since I did not fancy selling toys for a living I did not go inside and went to the car dealership instead called Ford Seattle and got started. In those days 1979, Microsoft was a new and unheard of company and the early-day/s staff became multi-millionaires with share options.

Dr. JP Blankert
2017-08-30 13:19:27

Microsoft Windows on cloud - good reaction to trustpilot review

Having Windows Office 365 on the cloud, we faced the following problems:- access to one drive business had disappeared, as admin one could not access own drive any more; one can set permissions etc but nog access files (!)- mail centre had disappeared- sites had disappearedAfter my initial review here on trustpilot Microsoft reacted well, I was called in the weekend and received 2 emails from Microsoft for help. That is a good reaction.The issue was: which we did not know: not having paid full year in advance, most important control panel options disappear. We did not know payment was up, and we had a new credit card. Windows did not notify us payment was late, we did not know, and crucial control panel options as direct access to onedrive had disappeared. We changed credit card and now all is working again.

André Timm
2017-07-04 11:51:19

I had an issues with a movie

I had an issues with a movie, and with find it, But Noemi was extremly helpfull. There was issues with the movie, But After all so have i bought the movie without problems Because of Noemi. Again thanks alot mate :)

Adrian S
2016-04-03 14:31:47

Sloppy work, close save!

Contacted support in the U.S. the other day as the local one was not open, and they helped me without question. Windows suddently told me my legit key was no longer legit after I had to revert back to older system image. I went from Win7 Home Pro to Win 10 Home and I only had my Win7 Home Pro key. The old sys image was a build that did not accept keys from older Win versions. The first tech guy helped me and as a last step (after he ran a few CMD commands) I just had to update windows version and use my old key. Turns out he had helped me, not only update to the right build, but to Win10 PRO!!! Outrageous. I was almost not believed when I contacted support the second time because "If you see here [remote desktop], you have Win10 Pro". I had saved the chat log with the other guy, and I had images of myself with my Win7 copy and receipt. In the chat log, I told the first tech guy I had Win7 Home Pro, so lucky for me, in remote desktop, I could highlight that to the second technician and show they had been in the wrong. I was given two options at first: -Clean install Win7, then upgrade. -Buy a Win10 key.I had none of it, as the mistake was not mine, and I could prove it. They entered CMD, removed the old key and entered an Win10 Pro key. I now have Win10 and ALL MY FILES LEFT!Warning though: If I hadn't saved the chat log, proving that they did wrong the first time. I would have been a victim, even with my proof of purchase. Microsoft has A LOT to improve on. This one time though, I got saved.

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