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Intrepid Reviews

Mr A Spencer
2020-04-16 17:45:10

It seems I’m not the only one intrepid…

It seems I’m not the only one intrepid will not pay The final refund you have been warned use them at your own risk

John Wills
2020-04-09 23:32:27

Great biking experience in Melbourne

Great biking experience in MelbourneExcellent guided toursWell done Intrepid

2020-04-01 04:36:28

Abandoned in Cambodia

I was on 12 day Cambodia/Vietnam Intrepid tour for only 4 days when advised without any notice that trip was suspended. Tour leader was sent home and the group was left to struggle to find flights home and pay any expenses from that point. While I understand we are living in exceptional times, I was disappointed with Intrepid’s attitude and lack of any support. I am awaiting any advice on a credit to be provided for the remainder of the trip.

2020-03-17 15:31:56

Wonderful Trip, would always recommend!

I travelled with Intrepid to Botswana and had the most amazing time! The guides were so knowledgeable and I learnt so much from them. We were lucky enough to see all the big 5 and buckets more animals. I would go away with them again as they were fantastic.

Chloe Degraeve
2020-03-04 17:26:14

My mum and myself have travelled with…

My mum and myself have travelled with Intrepid travel twice in the past 3 years.Both "original" style (India/Ethiopia),I am fussy and all times accommodation has been excellent.The guides Mohin (India)and Gabriel (Ethiopia) were so warm and passionate about their culture.Everyone in the eclectic groups got on great and the tours have been nothing but "awes" and great laughs.We will continue to travel intrepid such a great service

Sandra van Houwelingen
2020-01-07 15:26:30


UBOO191101I am back from a trip in Afrika. Highlights for me were the game drives , national parks and Okavango Delta. The weather was nice and warm and Lizzy cooked delicious. Our guide Philip was friendly and told a lot story’s about culture and history. It was the trip of my dreams.

2019-12-31 13:31:21

UBKF191219 ref

UBKF191219 refI just got back from a trip in Africa. Highlights for me were the game drives in Chobe national park. When l arrived at Windhoek airport, there was no transfer. I rang the hotel and after waiting an hour, it came.Weather descriptions in trip notes needs updating as l bought way too much warm clothes.Our local guide at Victoria Falls was courteous and friendly. Our leader Philip had a vast knowledge of history and culture on places visited and was organized and efficient. Our driver Leroy kept interrupting us in conversations. He was obnoxious and opinionated. He showed no respect to the local service women or to us female customers. I say this because he passed a very disparaging remark to me which left me floored and speechless. I discussed it with my leader, and there was still no improvement. My personal experience of dealing with Leroy is that he doesn't serve Intrepid well with his attitude. This was the only negative on my Adventure to Africa.

2019-12-30 08:13:48

Classic Rajasthan - one of the best tours I have been on

I completed the Classic Rajasthan trip in November/December. To say this trip is fantastic is an understatement! Our guide Anjali is one of the most passionate and dedicated tour guides I have ever been with. The things we saw, experienced and went were truely amazing. If you want to see the real Northern India you have to do this trip!We stayed in some of the most amazing places - 350 year old castles, permanent tents, a home stay - experienced various forms of transport - jeeps, local trains - visited local villages and saw the real India, how they really live, travel and eat. They are absolutely beautiful people and the culture and history is truely awe inspiring.We also did a couple of Urban Adventure short trips in Delhi before starting the tour. The guides were amazing and the itinerary we fantastic. They even organised and changed one of our day tours to show us different things rather than double up with what we were going to see our first day itinerary on the Intrepid tour.Highly recommend this tour and thank you to Anjali for introducing and sharing her love of this beautiful country with us.

2019-11-20 00:41:09

North Indian Highlights HHKH190912

North Indian Highlights HHKH190912Leader Name:Chetan S. JhaOn arrival "Pre-night accommodation" at Hotel L'Affaire: The hotel was absolutely filthy dirty, zero communication on arrival, I had to ask about breakfast, sheets on the bed were grey with holes & stained-towels the same. The room smelt like stale cigarette smoke.When asking about breakfast we were directed to a room next to the hotel due to there being a fire and the kitchen being demolished.On our arrival we informed the concierge that we required a taxi to attend a night Delhi Food Walk. We ordered a taxi-the concierge pocketed most of the money and gave the taxi driver minimal.Over charged by 2000 rupee, when questioning the concierge he then printed off something from the internet explaining the safety recommendations of booking a taxi through your hotel?? He was guilty of his actions!The breakfast room was makeshift, dirty and no information at all given regarding ordering eggs or extras. No customer service-"until our travel guide arrived then everything changed" They couldn't do enough for us it was like night & day?We didn't trust the staff and decided on our last extra day not to continue our stay & went elsewhere!I don't think this hotel is up to the standard of the other hotels that Intrepid had on the rest of our tour? I wouldn't ever recommend staying there ever again, and if I did recommend this tour to family or friends I would definitely suggest another hotel!On a positive note I would like to thank our guide for a fantastic experience Chetan went above & beyond to deliver an exceptional tour. Nothing was too hard for him, and when we changed hotel not even Intrepid could organise our driver to pick us up from the alternative hotel,but Chetan did within minutes!The food on the most part was good a few meals were average. I would also like to recommend the smaller tour groups to others, as in a place like India you don't want to be waiting for 20 other people to get off a bus etc. we appreciated the small intimate group and it was easy to manage for the guide.We would highly recommend Chetan S Jha as a guide, extremely knowledgeable, easy to understand-his English was outstanding, and accommodating.Kind Regards Alan & Genevieve

2019-11-19 08:59:03

Why has Intrepid service declined in recent years?

Agree with recent comments. I have been travelling with Intrepid for past 11 years and previously always been very impressed. However just recently the service has declined significantly. Not sure if it is since the appointment of the current CEO in recent years or cost cuts or whatever. I have recently travelled to Bhutan and Intrepid issued an incomplete group visa to myself and other Australian travellers. I was lucky as the airline, Drukair in Nepal kindly went out of their way to help me even though technically I could have been refused entry to Bhutan. I still have not received a reply to my email to Intrepid dated 8th November asking them to send me the full visa. 10/10 for Drukair and 0/10 for Intrepid Australia, although a great tour provided by their partner in Bhutan. I accept human error, however the lack of accountability to assist me is appalling. Unfortunately this is also not good for the Intrepid brand as myself and others on the tour continued to tell all others that we met during our ongoing travels regarding our poor experience. I am hoping that this is not indicative of the future direction of Intrepid, however of course I will continue to travel but maybe just not with IntrepidFootnote 28/11/2019I have subsequently been contacted by Phoebe from Customer Care at Intrepid and have now upgraded my rating from Poor to Great for this Review. Phoebe investigated the situation thoroughly and provided me with a timely, honest and logical explanation and assurance regarding actions taken to restore my faith in Intrepid.I am intending to put this experience behind me and try again with another future trip. Thanks Phoebe

2019-11-17 10:39:49

South America

Had such an epic adventure through South America with Intrepid. There guides are incredible and loved having a small group.

2019-11-12 12:15:25

Wonderful Classic Rajasthan in October 2019

Wow! We had the most marvellous time travelling around Rajasthan with our expert super guide, Ajay. After the Taj Mahal near the start of our trip I was kind of not expecting anything to exceed this, but Ajay kept our trip varied, interesting and fun. He was the linchpin for our group; taking us on side adventures and organising meals which were technically not included in the Intrepid itinerary. Ajay's organisation was smooth, relaxed and seamless for timings to check in to hotels, public transport and booked events. We felt looked after in his capable hands.Intrepid put together a fantastic and memorable journey and Ajay filled in the details of the trip with efficiency, care and knowledge. This was an awesome adventure.

2019-11-05 11:59:19

North Morocco

Had a fantastic time on the North Morocco trip, our guide Brahim was great, fun to spend time with knowledgeable and very helpful. He got medical assistance for one of the people who took ill and arranged for a member of the hotel staff to go to the chemist to collect the antibiotics the lady needed, whilst out with us on a tour for the day. He kept her daughter updated at all times on her condition. He arranged for extra tours on days that were 'our own time' which in Tangier was great as otherwise we would have been just hanging around waiting for the overnight train. All in all, this being my first trip with Intrepid, I had a great holiday and would definitely recommend them. If you have a knowledgeable tour guide who clearly enjoys their job and a group of travellers who have a sense of humour then you're going to enjoy it. Now looking at next years big trip with them too!

Anne Juneau
2019-10-17 11:04:39

Playa del Carmen to Antigua Guatemala…

Playa del Carmen to Antigua Guatemala 17 days (7sep 2019)Absolutely the best thanks our tour leader Sofi Wer.She made every single minute a pure joy. I have had good TL but she was totally dedicated. We will remember this great trip for a long time, thanks Sofi, thanks Intrepid.

Joanne O'Sullivan
2019-09-30 00:56:59

Hanoi to HCMC cycle tour-Intrepid

I did the 14 day Hanoi to HCMC cycle tour with 5 others in August 2109. We were well supported by a truck for the bikes and an air conditioned bus for when we were not riding in both the North and the South sections. Every time we got off our bikes we were well catered for with snacks, fruit and cold drinks. Our tour guide was experienced and spoke good English, he had a lot of practice with cyclists and in guiding and at times I got the idea he was tired of the job. Almost all Vietnamese men smoke. Our drivers and bike mechanic were friendly and helpful although didn't really know any English, however we got by no problem with the help of our tour guide. We traveled on an overnight train for 600 kms through the central section of Vietnam . It was a pretty hot time of the year to ride this trip which was probably why group numbers were low. The route was great and we got to see a lot of the non tourist parts of the country which was fantastic. Our group agreed that we should ride more early in the day due to the high temperatures and our guide adapted the schedule for this. One of the group had a bad fall from his bike on a very hot day and the first aid kit had basically nothing in it, no saline, no dressings, no gloves just a couple of bandages and some old betadine. Fortunately you can buy almost anything from Vietnamese pharmacies and we were able to buy suitable dressings and saline for the injuries. Another lady on the group had issues with her booking- not having her private room booked for her which she had requested and her e bike which she had paid extra for being unavailable initially in the South ( she did insist on the e bike and one became available eventually) Personally the cycling was not as challenging as described on the website and I was a disappointed with this. As a group we were unimpressed with many of the restaurants we were "taken" to as being a true representation of Vietnamese cuisine when in fact they were filled with other Westerners on tour groups and the food was expensive and not great. We did mention this. The guide on the whole was great and had a good sense of humour but felt he was maybe tired with the job. There wasn't much communication on the long bus journeys unless initiated by us. The extra activities, temples etc were pretty forgettable and often preceded by super long queues which we opted out of. Our bikes were basic well ridden entry level, reasonably maintained MTBs which were a better standard in the North section than the South. Some sections of the were cycling were pretty dangerous even for experienced cyclists, mainly due to the heavy volume of traffic, no road rules and heavy vehicles on the road, this is just the way it is in Vietnam, especially around the cities but you do have to as an individual be super aware and listen to your guide carefully. He was really good on road safety. The tour guide must have had a bad experience with previous groups slamming on their front brakes and maybe having accidents so told us not to use them at all on descents ! This effectively halves your braking power so I felt this was an issue and ignored this advice as did the other experienced cyclist on the tour. The standard of accommodation was okay for the most part but a few places were awful, most noticeably the accommodation on HCMC. The overnight train was slow, noisy and we got very little sleep due to other travellers on the the same carriage drinking most of the night, although the sleeping compartments were clean and quite new, we also had to share with other people not in our group and I would have paid more to avoid this or happily paid more to avoid the train altogether. A lot of accommodations were very noisy, staff not so friendly and pretty low budget .Most of us agreed that we would have happily paid a bit more for a better standard of accommodation and it wouldn't have cost much as accommodation is reasonably priced in Vietnam. The hotel breakfasts included were good but the lunches which were included in the tour price were pretty average. Often the hotel didn't have safes for valuables and if they did, they were often faulty (wouldn't open)or could be picked up easily and you could simply carried away. As far as tipping went, we all contributed $100 USD to a tipping kitty at the start for mechanic/ Bus/truck driver bell boys etc. Wasn't totally sure how that was accounted for. We were constantly made aware that wages were low and we needed to tip the Intrepid guide in USD at the end of our tour which we all did. Really enjoyed the trip, Vietnam is beautiful, especially getting out in to the remote areas but would have happily paid a bit more for the things mentioned. Would recommend cycling in the cooler months as it's tough cycling in the heat at 32 degrees plus, we often got to 38-40 degrees. I would say you need a guide to go to any remoter areas as some areas have no English speakers so we were grateful for our guide.

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