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Officeworks Reviews

Margy Ledwidge-Leach
2020-05-03 03:00:15

Although products are mostly good…

Although products are mostly good quality. Postage is disgraceful. I live 50km from store 20.00 for 5 small chairs wheels. PREV bought small desk 70.00 freight same desk store across road 30.00 freight.

Tina Hall
2020-03-28 23:43:37

Thanks Nathaniel Underwood store for…

Thanks Nathaniel Underwood store for helping me out today. Customer service the extra mile. Good job!!

2020-03-20 05:35:21


1. PRINTING SERVICES:West Gosford Staff very helpful - excellent. Good printing quality. Ask about different types of materials you can print on. Kmart is third world compared.2. ASSEMBLE IT - Air task it. The company that Officeworks gets to do their assembly are woeful. Scratched my polished wooden floor, needed my daughter to help him (yes it was heavy that’s why I paid them!) and expensive $110 plus $35 ‘callout fee’. Suggest you Airtask it. When I let Officeworks know they scratched the floor and could not do it without my daughters help, they got the company to call me back. Then the company argued with me. Don’t do it!

Aussie ollie
2020-03-05 08:10:31

officeworks is okay...

They are good at the start of the school year with their sales.But when you order the school supplies they miss things.

Derek Rosb
2020-02-13 13:16:43

Replacement damaged Computer Chair

I would like to thank the staff at the Southport store for the replacement computer chair with absolutely no fuss or hassle.Brought a Washington High Back chair back in March 2018 and now just short of two years replacement was given.In fact anyone needing or wanting to purchase a computer chair, I can 100% recommend this brand and the warranty you will get you simply will not believe.The best purchase I have ever made.

Paula Reid
2019-12-29 13:31:01

Hi I just want to give Melanie from…

Hi I just want to give Melanie from south Yarra a great review. Everything was going wrong in office works this day that I went in which was a few months ago. There were a lot of frustrated customers but Melanie handles the situation very promptly and professionally. On top of that she went above and beyond to help me with a predicament that seemed like an impossible task and when no one else was willing to go the extra yard in this unpredictable crazy day, she surprised me completely by suggesting solutions and then carrying out the task herself. It wasn’t an easy task and I can’t tell you how grateful I was. I wanted to buy her her favourite chocolates lol but she refused. She has the gun attitude of stuff only gets done if you do it yourself. She had a very personalised customer approach as in she could feel my anxiousness about not getting what I needed due to all the photo computer printers not working and in the end, after suggestions that other staff just found a reason not to help or be flexible she just stepped up and got the job done. I actually had declared defeat and was going to give up but she totally shocked me by rising higher with the pressure she was under. She handled and calmed other customers down too. One guy was getting super mad and frustrated and she had him so calm very quickly because she didn’t ignore him or treat him like a number. Thank you Melanie as I was so grateful and will not forget what you did under duress.also Melanie knows her stuff and is very quick to find solutions that others don’t and thinks on her feet,excellent multitasker

Gaye Paul
2019-12-27 04:39:12

Knowing that it was the biggest…

Knowing that it was the biggest Officeworks, i was happy to see how clean and welcoming the store was. I had came into the store at a busy time a couple days ago on last Saturday. Despite how busy the store was, i was still served at an exceptional amount of time. I was in the apple department and I had bought my first and brand new Macbook and was pleased from the service given by Kimberly. She had delivered a positive attitude and understood the product very well and had responded to every question efficiently. Someone give her a raise and make her C TO THE E TO THE O

Faye Miller
2019-12-16 07:12:46

Highpoint Officeworks never disappoints

Today I visited the Highpoint Officeworks.I wanted an IPhone 7.Having had several positive experiences in this store I expected to be served by pleasant and competent staff.Thank you Kat for the efficient and friendly service .I like the way you are greeted as you enter and the reasonable prices of products is a draw card.My expectations were fully met once again.

2019-12-11 07:38:57

I went to your Campbelltown office…

I went to your Campbelltown office works branch this evening and was aknowleged by a female staff member Eden.She was extremely helpful and went out of her way to provide me with excellent customer service with a smile and made sure I found everything I needed. Eden is a huge asset to your Campbelltown store and she should be recognized by the store manager.Ronald Prasad Minto

Db Fsteerr
2019-12-06 00:23:31

Visited Glen wavereley officeworks…

Visited Glen wavereley officeworks today for digital printing. Machines jammed...staff couldnt look u in the details provided as to status of printing jobs...all in all hopeless

Teo D. 'Dee'
2019-12-02 22:29:21

Happy customer

I've been buying from Officeworks for years having different local stores as home store where the supplies would be dispatched.POSITIVES> They free delivery minimum expenditure is low and easy to achieve.> You can get your items delivered on the next day if you order a day ahead or that day before 11. I've done that multiple times and received my parcels in less than 24 hours. > Pricing of products online is the same as products in store.> Huge selection of items. > Great return policies. > Friendly delivery guys. > Customer service operators on the phone have always been extremely kind and helpful. NEGATIVES> The main downside is that, depending on the store you set as your default, you will get a better or worse service. However, you can manually change that. I have done as one of the stores I used to provide me with supplies for my last relocation were sending wrong numbers or not sending them or double sending then. I changed the store, and problem solved. > Office chairs used to be part of the next day delivery for free. However, that's not the case these days, and you have to pay 30+ bucks for being considered a bulky item, and next day delivery isn't guaranteed. > There are online and local retailers selling some of the products they sell at cheaper prices, printer cartridges among them. My experience is very positive overall.

Belinda Dorey
2019-11-14 01:56:38

The customer service at office works is…mn

The customer service at office works is non existence. Staff standing around chatting amongst themselves while big queues at the photo print department. No help whatsoever!

Khalee Thompson
2019-08-21 01:01:49

I was very impressed with the excellent…

I was very impressed with the excellent service I received from a young man named Jye at the Underwood store on Wednesday 14th August. I phoned during the day and asked some questions, he was very happy to verify stock levels and give me further information. I visited the store later that evening, asked a group of 3 boys if any of them were on earlier in the day because I had spoken to some-one... Jye instantly came to my aid and took me to the items I was enquiring about. Whilst viewing these items, he was extra helpful, he offered further suggestions, went out the back to look for items and gave me fantastic advice. I will return to this store because of the service given by this young man and I hope he is recognised for being such a wonderful asset to his team and the company.

Stephen Plustwik
2019-08-20 10:19:00

Good and effective feedback-management process

If you have an issue, have a look at the bottom of your receipt: under 'Tell us what you think' you will find a web address. Go there. Rate your experience. Provide details of your issue (be polite, it may help). I soon got a call from my Officeworks store, a very nice call, to arrange to speak to someone instore. I brought the item with me. They fixed the problem on the spot. I agreed to provide a second feedback (on the team member's device) as that helped to close things off, and allowed me to say thanks. Boom. Now Officeworks has all the info about how to do better.

Richard Blackman
2019-08-01 08:37:40

Order Cancelled with no love lost

I had placed an online click and collect order that didn't work out in the end, which resulted in me canceling my order. I'll admit it was frustrating for me not to recieve my product and have the estimated time of pick up change several times. But the way the Officeworks team handled the refund was very quick to say the least. I messaged them with my request for a refund and it was all sorted within an hour. I really appreciate when a business can move with haste even if its not benefiting them. Thank you Officeworks for being so professional about this.

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