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Airbnb Coupon Code That Works December 2021

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Airbnb Reviews

2020-05-17 08:36:57

I had used Airbnb when I traveled last…

I had used Airbnb when I traveled last year in Asia and all my suppose travel trips this year. It was easy to talk to them and I highly recommend them!

Dr James
2020-05-08 08:08:01

Affordable Short-Term Accommodation and Easy to Use

I've used Airbnb countless of times for work and leisure.It's easy to use, find an accommodation that you like, simply select the dates, book and pay. The service fee is a little high but its worth it because you get to stay in a boutique apartment which is more affordable and sometimes even better than hotels.When I did once had an issue with my accommodation, Airbnb had assisted me in finding another better accommodation within the same suburb with no extra costs.Advice: Always read the reviews on Airbnb before booking a property as it accurately depicts the truth about the accommodation.

Thomas Lahl
2020-04-07 18:20:25

AirBnB milestone compassion & ingenouity

I am with AirBnB as a host for about 4 years now and I am pleased to have been informed by the AirBnB support team that they are planning to compensate hosts with a stimulus of 25% for every booking lost during the first several weeks of the still ongoing crisis. While this does not sound much, every single contribution coming from big corporations is essentially needed and appreciated. Besides absolute necessary empathy this shows AirBnB is going a sustainable way towards future by identifying the global society as their central asset, not their shareholders all alone. Once the crisis is over I am planning to expand my AirBnB activity to include AirBnB Experience that allows for hosting from star gazing, guided tours & exhibitions over ebike rental & cooking events to photography and art classes. After all these years I find AirBnB to be compassionate and even more ingenious.

Rebecca Hodge
2020-03-22 12:20:06


I’ve used the app three times and the experience on all occasions was good. I’m posting g three stars because I think it’s a little pricey.

Adrienne Higgins
2018-11-07 18:57:49

At first my experience was miserable

At first my experience was miserable. I booked on a strict policy and didn't quite understand what it meant so instead of verifying it with the company itself I decided to affirm it with my host. I asked my host if I were to cancel would I receive my full refund back and he stated yes. When I cancelled my reservation as I had found better down the line I waited days for my refund back with still no money back in my acct. I called airbnb to work this out. They stated that the Strict Policy meant partial refund and not full. I decided to fight it out with them as I had been lied to by the host. At first it was tough as the hosts were firm on the policy, but eventually they gave me my refund and saw my side of the story. :) Point is although the whole thing was stressful we worked it out in the long run. Inevitably the real thing I am annoyed with is the host lying to me and putting me through this whole situation. Moral of the story, read fine guidelines and double check reviews on hosts first!(I noticed after I cancelled that the host had iffy reviews)

2016-10-16 08:20:16

All good

I've used them several times and it's always been pleasant.

2016-03-14 02:28:42


Numerous great experiences with Airbnb, both as hosts & as guests since 2010! In fact, never had a problem. Very trustworthy & much more reassuring from a Host's point of view than any other comparable websites (as regards their payment, id protection & guest verification process) but ............. regardless of the website you book accommodation through, NEVER MAKE PAYMENTS VIA DIRECT TRANSFER! DER!

2015-06-10 11:02:45

Very good but might not be clean

I felt like using this was really good which is why i used it a few times but i have a feeling the regulations are not the same as a hotel

Em Ma
2015-05-12 00:09:04

So far so good.

I've had enough experiences to say I'd recommend it over booking hotels. It's cheaper and you can find some unique and beautiful places that make you feel at home.I'd advise to check reviews and look for places with heaps of them.Being a young lady I tend to book the whole apartment instead of sharing or stay with a couple/females. If you're not alone then this would be perfect. Even with a bunch of people, you'll be paying less than half the price of hotels.

2013-05-20 16:55:34

Review integrity is unique @Airbnb. All pay per booking Airbnb competitors are scam operations or inadequate. Airbnb protects guests well.

This review applies to Airbnb US and HQ. However since many Australian guests use Airbnb when they travel in the US, this applies to them as well and the platform is the same around the world anyway.Review integrity is unique at Airbnb, not only in its industry but also among all internet companies. This is a huge win for guests as any intelligent person who is risk averse will select a host with many good reviews and be fairly sure that they will get a good experience. This is because on average Airbnb reviews are very accurate. Possibly only Ebay can compare with Airbnb as far as Review integriy. Many other internet companies like Yelp and Tripadvisor cannot compare with Airbnb and pose severe risks to users and guests. From my experience Yelp and Tripadvisor are corrupt and unreliable and their reviews are junk on average and/or do not have the right people and right systems to handle what they try to sell to the public.Airbnb invests massive resources and very smart and nice people to ensure the integrity and accuracy of reviews. They keep improving although there is still room for improvement. I would like to see Airbnb add star reviews for guests too not just hosts; similarly to what Ebay does where both buyers and sellers are star rated (not just description rated). This would ensure that each Airbnb transaction is smooth for both guests and hosts and that Airbnb would succeed even more.Airbnb has no competition; all its competitors do not have the resources, ethics, integrity, people and systems that Airbnb has. In fact some of Airbnb competitors, including well recognized names such as Tripadvisor, are essentially scam operations. I am not familiar with VBRO and other non pay per booking operations so I cannot rate them but if VBRO and other were smart they would switch to a pay per booking model so that hosts do not have to pay a huge fee upfront.In essence many of the recent reviews of angry guests about Airbnb are either fake or the guests did not take the appropriate precautions such as choosing a host with many positive reviews so they get what they ask for.Another area of improvement for Airbnb would be adding the ability for hosts to include special amenities such as indoor pool vs outdoor pool, private garage etc because many guests do actively look for special amenities but the current Airbnb menu does not allow for that search while many of Airbnb competitors do allow more options in search.Airbnb has made huge improvements recently. I had an old Truspilot review of Airbnb with 2 stars that you can read below.OLD REVIEW BELOW-----------------------------Potentially great but many dangers to guests and hostsThis review applies to Airbnb US and HQ. However since many Airbnb Australia guests use Airbnb when they travel in the US, this applies to them as well.I am a host on Airbnb and I have had a great experience with Airbnb until one day I received a reservation request from a new Airbnb member (thus with no reviews) who is an environmental activist and told me wanted a home office accommodation for her and her colleagues. I was excited because I love helping the environment.Given the tone of this members profile, that sounded a bit aggressive, asked this potential guest which group she worked for and more information. She named a well respected group. After I received the reservation request and approved it, the full name of the guest appeared to me. I looked at her Linkedin profile and found that her group is very small and has a history of violence, controversy, illegal activities and potential links to dangerous groups.I contacted Airbnb and spoke to Jessica H in customer service who was not equipped to help me and canceled this reservation even though I told her I wanted to speak to her supervisor first. Our call was disconnected and Jessica H never called me back and she had the reservation canceled. I called back immediately and spoke with Ron in customer service who told me that Jessica had the reservation already canceled against my specific instructions to her. Every time a host cancels a reservation Airbnb severely penalizes the host In a variety of ways so I wanted to find out first from the Airbnb manager if they would waive the penalties as I had been misled by the guest and this guest was representing a potentially dangerous working group with a history of violence.If the penalties were to stay then I would have not canceled the reservation and would have kept it even though I felt that Jessica H was putting my guests and myself in danger by forcing me to host a guest who had been less than transparent and potentially misled me and was on Airbnb to find work accommodations for her potentially dangerous company.Instead they canceled the reservation, Jessica H never called me back. Her manager Ms Delilah B never called me either and instead sent me a condescending email over 6 hours later stating that I had canceled the reservation; which is false, and then when I tried to speak to her, she sent me another short rude and disrespectful email and never called me. I asked to speak with her supervisor and never heard back from anyone about this for days to this date; it has been over 2 days.Furthermore Ms. Jessica H and her supervisor Ms. Delilah B decided to support this radical group financially by giving the guest extra free money to book a more expensive room and charged me $100 for the cancellation that I never made so they stole money from me and gave it to this organization. And then they emailed the guest and told her that I was lying and that I had canceled the reservation as the guest told me in writing.This guest is really representing a radical group who wants to find work accommodations in my area. This should have been disclosed in full at time of booking from this organization / guest.Airbnb seems to favor guests over hosts and I feel that Ms Delilah B and Ms Jessica H are putting guests and hosts in danger because they are penalizing the host for alerting them of this situation and not taking any sensible action with the guest. I have children, families and single moms sometimes as guests and the safety of my guests is my priority.Jessica H and Delilah B also lied to me and about me (even to the guest) and were rude or unprofessional or both towards me.Although in the past Airbnb has demonstrated wonderful customer service I was really surprised in this instance. The safety of the Airbnb community and of my guests is my priority. The same night that this guest was supposed to stay at my place, I had another guest who was a single mom who contacted me at the last minute as she and her two young daughters had been abused and needed a place to stay for one night and I helped them and let them stay with me and they would have stayed in the same home with this activist and violent company representative if I had not objected to the horrible customer service from Ms Jessica H and Ms Delilah B.I have been trying to escalate this internally with their supervisors with no success so far maybe because it is the weekend.

Anne Southan
2013-03-19 13:27:58

We have made thousands of dollars in a hassle free smooth operation.

Airbnb is fantastic. We have hosted dozens of travellers now without problems. We once had an issue with a non english speaking visitor who was having some difficulties, and airbnb's rep called me back within minutes with a german speaking translator who helped us out. All the travellers have been great, and the payment system and website work beautifully. I can't believe my luck in getting onto this, we are making great money from renting out our spare room.

Fiona Couttie
2013-03-15 02:03:47

Airbnb; At Last!

Airbnb is such a professional company. Small details are seen to smoothly and efficiently, trust and good will are encouraged and rewarded.A wonderful initiative that does so much more than provide accommodation.

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